Blue Circle TLC Power Conditioner


I was using the PLC Thingee for a number of years. I had only positive feelings about it (consistent with most of the reviews), so I did not feel compelled to chip in. At this point in time I don't anymore - hence the chip.

The PLC Thingee definitely makes a difference on power amplification. In most cases the audible change is removal of grunt and added smoothness of signal. However, for higher level setups (after taking care of other weak links such as PC, IC, cable routing, etc..) I found it limiting. Eventually, plugging the amp directly into the wall (Audioquest PC) resulted in increased definition, more authority and an overall more enjoyable listen.

It seems that I prefer "crisp" instead of "smooth". Who knew?

I'm keeping the TLC for everything else though - the digital does not seem mind being fed "filtered" power (unless I find later on that I prefer it entirely out of the way).

Just saying.

(The find makes me happy as I was hunting for a second-hand BC6000 - rare on the used market. But now I don't have to).

My experience has been the opposite. I've tried two different devices, one being a BrickWall surge protector (I forgot the other one) and both limited the amp's potential.

The Blue Circle TLC however, seems to improve things. I can't detect any dynamic restrictions or lessening of anything. Everything is easier on the ears as well with lots of detail, ambience, harmonics (extension with focus), etc.

All the best,
FYI: On a simular note regarding Blue Circle; the XOe6 filter does an excellent job of filtering out all types of crap from the AC line. I purchased one a couple of weeks ago and have been impressed.
I agree, sometimes the amp sounds best when run from a high quality wall outlet. Seems to be an individual system dependent issue.
I guess that it does indeed depend on the particular configuration. I was happy while using it in different prior configurations - until I wasn't happy for the current configuration.

My learning is this: for each change in the system - question all prior assumptions. Sometimes a previously solid assumption might get turned on its head.

YMMV is correct.

I have both experiences. Have a bc 6000 with X1e. I think the blue circle preamp and amp sound better plugged into the bc6000, but my lower power tube amps lose a lot of their energy with a filtering conditioner. They sound better with a balanced power conditioner. As you said, depends on the system.