Blue Heaven IC's vs. Home Grown Silver

I am getting new IC's and have heard a lot about these Home Grown Silver Lace. Are they better than Nordost Blue Heaven? Has anybody compared them and what are your thoughts please. Plese don't recommend others that are more than $200-$300 as I plan on sticking to a limited budget. Thanks. Doug
In that price range new the best I've heard is Siltech ST-18-G3 Interconnects. 1/2 Meter about $200; 3/4 Meter $250; 1.0 Meter $300.
Home grown Super Silver is at least as good as Kimber KCAG. The Super Silver has a bit more soundstage width and depth.
HomeGrown Silver Lace walks all over Super Silver. A big a step up in the line of a company as I have found. Price is $190, as opposed to $80(they had a $10 increase). Super Silver is very nice audiophile cable, some will really like it, some will say it is just OK. So far, I have not spoken to anyone who says it is poor. No one can argue the value of the product. I was really not expecting the type of improvement that Silver Lace offers. Usually when I move up a product line, the improvement is in detail, removing bad things, while extending the range a bit. This cable adds a lot to the sound, in my system. The sound is BIG, dynamic, really strong bass, while maintaining the clean, extended, detailed sound of the Super Silver. Nordost does have its detractors(I am not one of them - I think wire is a personal preference). Only heard the Blue Heaven in one audition(for an amplifier I purchased). Don't remember the cable doing anything bad, just didn't thrill me enough to lay down the money to buy it. I don't feel that my Nordost opinion is as worthwhile as others on this site.