Blue Note RVG Editions remasters, sound better?

Do think the Blue Note RVG (Rudy Van Gelder) editions remasters, sound better sound better than the earlier versions? What is your opinion?
Sorry if this isn't useful, but I can say that the RVG's sound great. I haven't really done any comparisons though, but you won't be dissapointed, especially with some of the discounting on them.
Both the RVG's and the Connoisseur series offer great improvements over the original CD releases. Coincidentally, I picked up a used copy of Kenny Dorham's "Whistle Stop" yesterday (RVG) for $4. It's hard to believe it was recorded over 40 years ago.

I wish I had loaded up on the limited edition vinyl releases from a few years back. The Johnny Griffin and Andrew Hill LP's I did get are terrific.
Best deals on the RVGs remasters are at They used to BMG IT hink but are affiliated through Amazon. You can pick these up for $8.49-9.49, and free shipping is $25 or more.

I think some folks believe that the discs sold through clubs are somehow infereior, but I can't for the life of me believe it.
Has anyone compaired the John Coltrane "Blue Train" RVG to the older "Ultimate Blue Train" remaster?
I believe the Connoisseur series was 20bit mastered and SBM. I own a large percentage of those issued. The RVGs are 24bit mastered and IMO sound excellent and as mentioned are reasonably priced. I also own a number of Japanese RVGs in mini LP sleeves that are a slight step up but are on the pricey side. I don't think you can go wrong with any of these. The original Connoisseur series was more costly than American RVGs. Both the Connoisseur and RVG series were issued in Japan first although the US Connoisseurs were not labeled as such in Japan. I own the 2 Blue Trains and possibly a XRCD but have never sat down and compared them all. If I do I'll try to report here. It is amazing how good some of these CDs sound especially since many were recorded in RVGs parents living room. Go figure!
I may sound like a broken record, but don't forget the K2's, same mastering chain as XRCD's for normal cd prices. A great deal, I'm collecting 'em all.
You can by the direct from Fantasy Records at this link

But I usually just buy them at my local record shop.
The only comparison I've made has been the RVG vs. the regular older Blue Note CD reissues. The Blue Note reissues in question were ones first released in the late 1980s--a century ago in digital terms. I'd say the RVG CDs are noticeably better. The sound is cleaner, and there is more detail. But, the difference isn't as staggering as the difference between the RVG CDs and some other late 80s CDs. The older Blue Note CDs aren't as good as what can be done now--but from what I can tell, they were done well for the time, and are probably better than some new, poorly done CDs.

I might add that one thing that I like about the RVG CDs is that they are high quality CDs at "regular" CD prices. Rather than being a fancy "audiophile" reissue at two, three times the price.
I would also recomment checking out the Verve Master Editions, easy to find, excellent sound, nice packaging, regular cd prices.