bluesound/network audio noob question here - can you play files in two places?

I am pretty clueless on the networked audio stuff...lets get that fact out of the way first.  

Right now I have a bluesound vault 2, which has a 2tb internal drive containing the FLACs of my CD collection.  This resides in my main system and is connected via lan to my home network.  No issues here.  

I have another system downstairs through which I would love to be able to access that music on the bluesound vault.  Is that possible with how the bluesound vault is set up?  If so, what device do I need to get a digital signal I can plug into my DAC downstairs.  Would a bluesound node (plugged into my home lan) work for this?  If so how would a node find the files on the vault 2 on the network? 

thanks for any help,

You need to buy a Node. 
Probably best to contact Bluesound directly. Yes, they do pick up the phone.
I only have Nodes, and no Vault, so I can't say exactly. But, at worst you would need 2 Nodes. Even the original Node (not 2 or 2i) will network with the Vault.-So, you don't have to spend a lot as they are available on Ebay at significant discounts. All they need is upgraded firmware.