Loading Files On An Aurender N10

Just purchased an Aurender N10 streaming device with a 4TB SSD. Will mainly be using it with Tidal and Qobuz. I also have some CDs (not available from either streaming service) on my iMac stored in Apple Music. What is the best way to get these files transferred from the iMac to the Aurender SSD?



Yes, It does. May be try a different browser.  What error you are getting? 

Transferring files to an Aurender Music server is a process. For me, the issue is iTunes does not store the album cover art with the music files. I needed to use Doug’s Scripts to transfer the cover art to my music files. I did this work on my MAC Computer and, when ready, transferred everything to my external hard drive. I use this drive to transfer the files to my Aurender. My rough instructions for my process is below the ========. I strongly suggest you test your process on five albums (use a flash drive) before you transfer everything to the Aurender. I hope this helps.

Please confirm you use the correct Doug’s Script and that you completely review his detail instructions. My instructions are several years old so please verify the process does what you need.


There are two ways to copy files to the Aurender’s HDD. One is to use a computer connected to the Aurender Music Player via the Ethernet (LAN) connection. Another is to connect a Hard Drive or an USB memory device to the USB port on the rear panel (recommended method).

Please review the Aurender App Guide for Transferring Music link below:
Transfer to Aurender Link
My instructions below plus the Aurender App Guide link for transferring music should enable you to transfer your albums from your MAC computer to your Aurender A10 including your albums cover art.

The addition of a music sever in a system is a little more complicated but the instructions I provided below should get you started. I suggest you do the maintenance items below on your MAC computer and then copy all your album files (including the cover art) to a hard drive. You need the hard drive for your albums backup and this is a recommended step.

After the steps below are completed, you attach your external hard drive to the Aurender and it copies everything over (and please keep reading for the details).
NOTE-1: Please note that iTunes does NOT STORE the album cover art within the song folder but "HIDES" it in another encrypted and hidden folder. This means the Aurender setup coming from iTunes requires you to run Doug Scripts to extract the album cover art in your transfer

Dougs Scripts link
Alert: Make sure your album cover art is saved as folder.jpg so your Aurender recognize it.

NOTE-2: If you are using iTunes, you have to download the Extract to Folder.jpg Script from Doug Scripts (cost is $1.99). The Script run process is very easy but it takes time depending on the number of albums. This script is required since it stores the album cover art image in the correct location and includes the correct name (Folder.jpg) for handling by the Aurender. Please check the Script for any updates.

NOTE-3: Please read the "Save Album Art as folder.jpg v3.4" instructions carefully. You have to set up a new folder named Scripts (within the iTunes library) so the script can run from within iTunes. iTunes will NOT let this script run for a large number of albums. I suggest you test with 4-8 albums at a time and see what happens (adjust as needed). The Script runs very fast. I had problems when I selected to many albums.

NOTE-4: You can easily connect your computer to the Aurender file structure using the Finder Go Connect to Server tab. The iPad settings menus provide the necessary information (IP address, user name & password). This is how you delete files on the Aurender and also add or correct the Folder.JPG images files.

NOTE-5: If some of your albums do NOT have cover art, you have to manually add the album metadata (other automated options may be available). You Google the album name plus “CD Image”, find the image, move it to the Desktop, change its name to Folder.jpg and move it to the Aurender song folder (be careful to place it in the right location after the last song). The Aurender iPAD app is much easier to use if your albums have cover art. This process is not hard but take some time depending on the number of albums. A good estimate is 2-4 minutes per album (my times). The manually adding of cover art, if needed, will take time but worth it.

NOTE-6: Unfortunately, I had to determine most of these instructions myself to compete my album transfer including the album cover art (my dealer was NOT very helpful. I had to delete my transferred albums on the Aurender TWICE before I got it right. My instructions above should ensure you get it right the first time.

When I finished transferring my albums to the Aurender, I immediately backed up my Aurender files to my LaCie hard drive & also to my Seagate hard drive. I spent too much time building my album database so I backed it up twice.

As a test, I ripped 5 CD’s to a USB Flash drive, ran the “Extract to Folder.JPG” Script in iTunes to extract the missing album cover art for these albums. Two of these albums were missing album cover art so I used Google search to find the album cover art as I described above

The album transfers to the Aurender worked perfectly.
Please review the above steps carefully.

@fuzztone, I agree that drag and drop would make the process lots easier.   Unfortunately, Apple decided to HIDE the album cover art in an encrypted file to make transferring the iTune music catalog to another location very difficult.  This was very frustrating when I discovered it. The good news is Doug's Scripts are designed to find and transfer the album cover art to match to the stored iTune music catalog location.

As I noted above, I used an external hard drive to store the iTunes music including the album cover art that was prepared using Doug's Scripts.  Once all my albums were transferred correctly, I transferred them to my Aurender.