Bluetooth vs Turntable Recommendations


I posted this in the Digital forum, but would like to get more adivce.My system consists of a pair of B&W 630's, an old Denon 50 watt reciever (DRA-550) from the mid 80's, a Marantz CD5004 cd player, and now am interested in maybe getting a bluetooth and/or a turntable upgrade.

I'm going to demo a Project Debut Carbon and  a Technics 1500C Turntables, but if I'm not happy with the quality I'm probably going to explore Bluetooth options.

Any recommendations would be be greatly appreciated, 


Bluetooth vs Turntable

This shows you have done zero research on your own.

Read the forums - lots of good info here. Read reviews and start educating yourself. Figure out what streaming is then start asking for thoughts when you have some understanding and specifics that you’re trying to clarify. You got some help in your other thread as well but lacking basic knowledge is a non-starter.

Ok. I think I understand now. I'd like to have both streaming and bluetooth if possible.

Are there any devices that do both? If not then what two devices would be the best bet?

Thanks again

I appreciate your desire to get an answer to your question, but you will need to speak the language to be part of any discussion on this site.

@audphile1 asked you to do some research. You thanked him and said you would give it a try.

2 hours and 29 seconds later you responded with "Ok. I think I understand now."

Unless you live in the Matrix, actual learning doesn't happen that fast.


I determined what I'm interested in.

Blutooth - To play songs from my iphone.

Streaming would be spotify and/or maybe tidal.

Would love to have a device that does both, but if not then I'm looking for two that will do the same 



There a TT's that are able to Play the Vinyl and replay the music through Bluetooth Speakers.

The SQ is going to be the challenge, and I am feeling that there will be Bluetooth Speakers that can make a better account of themselves that a Bluetooth enabled TT.

There is a growing trend with the Younger Generations with an interest in Vinyl Replays that are adopting this methodology to have the Tangible Experience of Owning and Replaying Vinyl. 

I do not know if a Standalone Bluetooth ancillary is available to be used in conjunction with a TT that has a recognised improved performance and Wireless Blue Tooth Speakers.  

You need airplay then. Bluetooth is inferior.

Keep doing your research. 💩 ton of info out there. 

Dude, @audphile1  is right. Just about any receiver made today is going to feature both AirPlay / Bluetooth and streaming capabilities. In my household's family system, we use an Onkyo 8 series that does it all. For my dedicated listing room I stream through an Oppo 105 as it gives way better quality than simply airplane anything or Bluetooth. The rest of your system seems adequate; it's your receiver that's holding you back.

I gave you a recommendation. You do what you want with it - use it as a foundation to research further to keep narrowing down what suits your system and preference, follow up on it, or flat out throw it away. It’s totally up to you. You’ve done nothing so far to help yourself.

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On 12/28/22, you asked for advice choosing among 3 turntables. You got plenty of advice. Here we are 2 days later and you’re asking about 2 of the least expensive turntables on your original list of 3, plus Bluetooth or a better quality streaming method. Seems for the cost of a Technics GR, you can have both a lesser TT and a streamer. Others have given you great advice on streaming. You’re good to go; ultimately you’ll have to spend money though.