Bob Dylan, Keith Richards & Tom Waits: A cappella

I just returned from a Columbia Record Co. party in New York where they previewed the upcoming release by the trio of Bob Dylan, Keith Richards and Tom Waits singing a cappella love songs. Who could ever imagine the three worst voices in music harmonizing to such exquisite perfection. Some of the tracks are classics: Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Strangers In The Night, You'll Never Walk Alone, The Sound of Music, and my favorite, In The Still Of The Night. There are a few original tracks composed by the trio: Keith Richards-She Only Loves Me After I Bathe, Bob Dylan-Who Am I, and Tom Waits-Ipecac and Roses.
I must object strongly to your "worst voices in music" characterization! Did you hear the finale to the "Divas" show?! Look for my upcoming response record release wherein I harmonize "It's Not Easy Being Lean" (er, make that "Green") with Fred Durst and the posthumous Notorious B.I.G.! Best regards, Brian Wilson.
Rosstaman, thanks for the heads up on this album. IS it for real? You are right about the imagined harmony of those voices, but if its really that good, I'll get it. thanks
I hear William Shatner and Leonard Nemoy sing back up with Dylan on "I Never Promised You A Rose Garden". It's supposed to approach the harmonic quality of "Because" by The Beatles. I can't wait!
I was at that party too. The record execs were already talking about adding Jar Jar Binks for a doo-wop album to follow.
I have a *priceless* recording of Shaquille O' Neal, William S. Burroughs, and Rosie Perez singing "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire." I really feel it's better than the Dylan/Richards/Waits combination, but that's just a personal choice.

P.S.--In all honesty, one of my favorite songs of all time is Mr. Waits' "Ol' 55." This was from his valuable 1970's contributions, before he started "subvocalizing" so damn much.
Just don't tell TWaits has worst voice. To me it's much better than Sinatra's...
The Tom Waits album which "Ol''55" is on is called "Closing
Time." (Asylum Records SD5061) A nice album. I'll never forget the day Tom Waits appeared on the "Merv Douglas" show
performing a song, I believe, on his "Small Change" album.
The shocked look of those older ladies and gentleman's faces
as Mr. Waits performed was an unforgetable site to behold!
Rosstaman.. . Not only that, I hear they are letting Keith play LEAD!!!!

Sincerely, I remain
What'll they title it, "The Three Baritones" or maybe "The Twanger Trio" or "The Rock Farts sing the Standards". This has gotta be a joke. Keith Richards singing lead on "You'll never walk alone" Sounds as far fetched as a pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow. I'm curious.
It's got already too funy and I believe that is the only post that precisely corresponds to 04/01...
For real I would want to listen(I'll probably smoke... or drink prior or during listening)
Tubegroover: I think it's The Three Stoners. And Trich, yea they are letting him play lead, but the amps not on. They told Keith it was the "unplugged" version. Everybody's happy.

Sincerely, I remain