Keith Monks Audio no longer in business?

I have the dual platter Keith Monks KMAL MKIII record cleaning machine and have been trying to reach both the USA and UK offices by email (as I work graveyard shift) with no response.

Over the years I have purchased from Jonathon at the UK office and was looking forward to saving shipping costs by ordering from the newer USA office.

Over the past couple years I have sent many many emails to both USA and UK office, even using Jonathon’s email that I used years ago to communicate directly with him... I have yet to get a response.

I assume that either the company no longer exists, or they just no longer have customer service.

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I have a Monks Omni, and at least in the States, they seem to prefer that you work through a retail dealer. I had some interaction with Jonathan, but communications were sometimes spotty, since he has a ’regular’ job I think. Seth Winner Studios, in Long Island, does the repair and maintenance work for the libraries and institutions here in the States and there’s another outfit in Canada for institutional customers. I know Seth--he was responsible for the Library of Congress machines. He’s pretty good guy, you might shoot him an email and ask him what’s up. (Seth was around in the days when Keith was alive, so he knows his stuff).
PS: Not sure about that Wisconsin office- my impression was it wasn't a big operation on this side of the pond.  

whart, thank you for your response.
Do you have a contact email for Seth Winner Studios, as I did a search but couldn't find one.
Again, thank you.
Here is the list of suppliers/dealers from the Keith Monks page for North America. Scroll down and you’ll see it. I think Seth has a full-time job (at least he did) in the city. This should also have other dealers in the States.
PS: I have also dealt with Don Better in Ohio and Ne Ultra Plus in Texas. They are still listed as dealers on that page as well. One of them should know what's up and be able to help you. 
Again thank you.
I do find it frustrating that that the company is not accessible... 
Any replacement RCM will most likely be a different brand.
No problem. Given the overall design, and depending on the robustness of the parts, it could last you a lifetime. I've seen some pretty old machines still in operation. For a vacuum RCM, I doubt you'll find much better, but it depends on what parts were originally installed in that set up you have. Hope you get it sorted. And let us know what the status of the company is- I sort of gave up trying to deal with England directly, but am well pleased with my machine. 
I see Keith Monks has a new machine out called the Prodigy, anyone have a chance to take one for a spin?