Bob James BJ4 sound quality

Hi all,
have checked in the database and have nothing "Bob James" or "BJ4" coming up. So I guess it's not come up yet.

I very much enjoy this record, have cleaned it (Hannl MERA) many times, but it just sounds still noticeably 'hazy'. Had another (same LP) before, it was scratchy and 'hazy' so I thought that was the reason --- we call it 'garden raked' (by a stylus gone bad).

My question: was this possibly by intend, too get some 'ultra mellow' effect?
Has anyone got this LP and can say the same?
I can't say the same. It is not the most dynamic of his albums. It seems a little "compressed" sounding but I think that is the recording. I am guessing both of your albums were new and never treated or coated before? That album is certainly different sounding than the original CTI recordings of the era.
Thanks Tgrisham,
it is a original CTI recording... if I omitted to mention that.

In fact another original CTI recording, DEODATO (1) 'Also sprach Zarathustra' etc., appears similarly in 'hazed' reproduction --- a coincidence?

Funny I have Deodato Also Sprach CTI and it sounds great. I have used it for a demo record and people always like it.
Hi Philjolet
thanks for that input.
Maybe I must find yet an LP in better condition. It is the second or third one already, all having the same 'flaw', due to SA pressing? Could be...
I actually forgot to say, I have the 'Deodato'(1) CD as well, and it does sound worse than the LP! --- so? The CD is a German pressing... hm.

Could there be a re-mastering perhaps?

I have yet to hear a good sounding vinyl CTI. Everytime I see Creed Taylors name on an LP it is usually the kiss of death.

Hi Acoustat6,
"Creed Taylor" it is in deed, interesting you should mention that.
Hi Acoustat6,
I found a Creed Taylor production that is truly worth listening to, -- if you can.
Hubert Laws: "The Rite of Spring"
you might have to smoke some weed first if you are not into funked-up jazz, or Stravinsky’s ballet suite -- and put the best pick-up you have!
An e.g. Orpheus should do just fine... :-)