Bookshelf passive speaker that doesnt focus on bass

Got a $500 budget and plan on getting the ELAC Uni fi ub5. I already have a sub and was wondering if there is a brand that allocates the lowest out of $500 to bass or none at all, instead the most goes towards sound quality
Even with a sub, you're going to need that bass at least down to 80hz.
I have compared the ub5 with kef ls50 and q100, and i would say that the ub5 bass is more even and controlled than the ls50s, and it has more weight than the q100.  I thought both kefs had better articulation and dynamics in midrange and up.  The ub5s SHOUT and give the false impression of dynamic range.  So Kef is probably a better option for what you value the most.  What i did not like about the q100 was the lack of bass and the need to crossover to the sub too high.  Hopefully the q150 fixed that (which can be had for $300 btw).
Or consider single driver speakers ...

Omega Super 3i monitors.  A touch over your budget, but you can choose the speaker's finish. 


I 2nd the Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversary recommendation.  They produce only moderate bass (and not terribly low) for their size but have surprisingly clean and open mids and highs.  Female voices, in particular, sound quite clear.  So do the upper strings of acoustic guitars.  They throw a decent width soundstage and the imaging is better than it should be for a speaker at its price.  I was very surprised at the neutrality of its sound.  The Dentons can be had for $399 from time to time (normally $499) so they are well within your budget if you catch the discount and at it if not.  One additional benefit is the visual appearance.  Their wood veneers look better than anything I have seen for $399 or $499  Good luck..    
So I tried out the Elac UB5 with a chord mojo DAC vs my Dayton b652 air and couldn’t tell the difference lol. I guess it’s a blessing not to be able to hear the difference. I won’t have to ever upgrade.