bookshelf speaker recommendation with Creek & Arcam

Hi all,
Looking for some recommendations on bookshelf speakers (or small towers) that would go well with a Creek Destiny integrated, Arcam CD192. Cables are DH Labs Silver Sonic Q-10’s and Air Matrix interconnects. My room dimensions are 11x14. Current speakers are Vandersteen 2c’s, but they are a bit too much for the size of this room. I listen to mostly pop/rock music, with the occasional classical and new age/atmospheric CD. As for pricing, I’d like to stay in the $500 range if possible. New or Used is fine, but I figure Used might be a better bang-for-the-buck.

Years ago I replaced my Vandersteens with Spendor 3/5’s. You should be able to find them used for around $500.
Rega RX1 or predecessor models RS1 or R1 bookshelves

The Rega R1 Loudspeaker - A New Budget Reference

"....The Rega R1 becomes my new budget reference speaker. In addition of its ability to get the fundamentals of music right, it adds clarity and resolution, and an ability to lay out a vivid and coherent 3-dimensional stereo image. In small room applications, what more could you want?..."

Highly recommended  that you give them an audition.
+1 for the Rega 1 series , very natural sound with acoustic music but
 most rock fans seem to find natural "flat" . 
I second Rega bookshelves - incredible clear midrange, but no impactful bass. I have had the rs5 in the past.
I don't know about the creek integrated - but if you like warmer speakers or you think the creek would be best with such speakers, I can recommend the wharfedale Denton, $500 new on discount. great for near-field, great imaging, never harsh, laid-back, very smooth, very pleasant and musical, good dynamics. Incredible finish and cabinet construction, high-quality binding posts. But they lack the details that a 3k speaker would offer, but they hold their own next to the regas or my totem hawks.
The Elac ub 5 is another $500 gem that has been talked about a lot (never heard them). I am sure would be more neutral than the denton.  But I doubt the cabinetry is in par with the dentons.