Bookshelf Speakers That Bolt or Screw Into Stands

I'm looking for monitor speakers that bolt or screw into matching stands. I know of two pairs, the Dynaudio Confidence C1 and the Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor, but they are both above the price range I am looking at here. The Dynaudio Contour S 1.4 seems to be another but that is at the high end of my price range and I'd like to look into several other options.

Not looking to use blu-tak or any other DIY solution here. Strictly looking for speakers that were designed to bolt onto stands. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.
Paradigm Reference Signature S1 V2 - under $2k with stands.
I have the S2 V2, a larger monitor without the aluminum casing, but have heard the S1 V2 - they are amazing for their size and price.
There is a review on Soundstage by Doug Schneider.
Oh I have forgotten to add Wilson Benesch standmounts. Their standmounts can't work without the matching stands provided: the ports exits at the bottom of the loudspeakers.
The Celestion Sl-700s, which very occasionally turn up here for a reasonable price, had matching stands -- and bolts that attached speaker and stand. They were absolutely fabulous, but replacement parts are no longer available, so buy at your own risk.
Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand. I had a pair of these earlier this year. They are a fine speaker for their price. There are threaded inserts in the bottom. I had to drill the properly spaced holes in my stands. It was an easy installation. There is a black pair along with stands for sale now on Audiogon. I do not know the seller. You can at least look at the setup.