Bookshelf Speakers That Bolt or Screw Into Stands

I'm looking for monitor speakers that bolt or screw into matching stands. I know of two pairs, the Dynaudio Confidence C1 and the Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor, but they are both above the price range I am looking at here. The Dynaudio Contour S 1.4 seems to be another but that is at the high end of my price range and I'd like to look into several other options.

Not looking to use blu-tak or any other DIY solution here. Strictly looking for speakers that were designed to bolt onto stands. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.
The B&W models used to. I'm assuming they still do. Not the 800 series, but I think the CM series and te 600 series might.
Focal Electra 1007 BE. I have these, they're very good and screw into the stands securely.
There was an interesting speaker called Vision Acoustics manufactured back in the 1990's. They were a point source design that got some good reviews. The company is defunct but if you were to run a "wanted" ad for them, I imagine you could find a pair with dedicated Sound Anchor stands pretty cheap. The speaker was firmly bolted to it's stands and isolated by ball bearings under all four corners. They sold at least 100 pairs so it is likely a lot of people have them in their closets.
Check out the x-ls monitors from I have a pair from an earlier production run and they are designed that way. Not sure if they still are.
Elac 330 CE seems like a good choice. It is in its 4th or 5th incarnation.

Happy hunting!
The Sunfire CRM ribbon monitors (app $1,000 street price) accept a 1/4 20 screw. They are tiny, very fine sounding, and flexible in placement. However,they require a sub.

Thanks for the suggestions so far but please keep them coming. And can anyone confirm if the current B&W 68x series do mount to stands? Can't seem to verify on their website.
The older 600 series 1 (I have had 601s) did NOT have screw holes, but I can't speak to the current ones.

The CDM-1NTs do have screw holes (I currently have a pair of these and just double checked).
A cabinetmaker could put threaded inserts into the base of almost any speaker as long as you knew enough about the internal construction to be sure you were putting them into solid MDF or other bracing material. I had a pair of Merlin TSM's with such inserts.
Paradigm Reference Signature S1 V2 - under $2k with stands.
I have the S2 V2, a larger monitor without the aluminum casing, but have heard the S1 V2 - they are amazing for their size and price.
There is a review on Soundstage by Doug Schneider.
Oh I have forgotten to add Wilson Benesch standmounts. Their standmounts can't work without the matching stands provided: the ports exits at the bottom of the loudspeakers.
The Celestion Sl-700s, which very occasionally turn up here for a reasonable price, had matching stands -- and bolts that attached speaker and stand. They were absolutely fabulous, but replacement parts are no longer available, so buy at your own risk.
Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand. I had a pair of these earlier this year. They are a fine speaker for their price. There are threaded inserts in the bottom. I had to drill the properly spaced holes in my stands. It was an easy installation. There is a black pair along with stands for sale now on Audiogon. I do not know the seller. You can at least look at the setup.
AAD PMM1s - I have these . . . the speakers and stands are a work of art. They come in any colour you want . . . as long as it's black!

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The Revel M-20s have threaded inserts for bolting them to the Revel stands. I did not have the Revel stands so I bought some 1/4 inch thick plexiglass pieces to bolt them to my stands. I had to first drill holes in the plexiglass to match my stands, then drill holes in the plexiglass that mated to the Revels. The threaded holes on the Revels were outside the stand's platform so it worked very well.
The M-20s are excellent speakers BTW.
If you can find them, the original:
Avalon Monitors

These were made in solid walnut in the late 90's (?), not the same speaker that Avalon markets as their current Avalon Monitor now. They have the same front baffling as all Avalon models. They are very rare, as they were somwhere around $4 or $5K in their day. They sounded great, sound-staged wonderfully and bolted into stands that were specifically designed for these monitors. Their port fired downward rather than from the back of the cabinet, so they had the ability to be placed close to walls.
PSB Platinum M2s are designed to bolt to dedicated stands and are excellent speakers that some dealers still have at blow out prices.
paradigm as mentioned above, attractive stands can also be filled with sand or shot. very sharp design.