bose 901 active equalizer

i have bose 901 series 2 speakers. on it's equilizer, the red power light is not on. i still get great sound. should i worry about the red power light?


Huston we have a go. Red light are over rated.. So are green ones. Smoke that a different story.. :-)

My cousin loves audio, but he is the cheapest,coc+sucker in the world, he,still wears the same hat from his brothers from 1990, he holds his wallet like it’s made of platinum, and actually has money in it! When he opens it, moths and bath fly out of it , as dust blows from it. ;)


still has his proton stereo amp from 30 years ago, no not working, as soon as he saves enough dimes & nickels, he may get the amp fixed!


still has his 70’s receiver, beaten up, still works well.  Swapped his 70’s 4 way Jensen speakers for a 90’s pioneer tower, which sound tinny and zero bass”


he has those 901’s, there is absolutely,no bass, ,…UFO, Zeppelin, Y&T, is so lifeless.  I told him get a sub, of course he bought a tiny 10” used for 30$,….BUT, it does add a ton of depth to the music now. World of difference playing discs, his CD player is probably the very first one, he found used. 

not that bad as an old pair of the wood lattice speakers he still uses, foam surrounds dry rotted, sounds horrible with some volume.


I’m not sure why I wrote all,this, they sound descent on the stands plus a sub, he came to my house and was floored at,my,1996 BIC venturi v830 average speakers, they blew away his 901’s and sub.  I have a good pair of smallish towers, which fill my front room with,music, with 16 foot vaulted ceilings and rug, left side is open to hallway and stairs, right is in corner (have pillows behind right side to soak up the low freq. 


 I suppose if I had disposable cash, I would get the Eggleston flagship towers for my,main system!


had a 601 pair long time ago, lasted a couple weeks, returned ,….a pair of altec Lansing 510’s LOVED THEM,didn’t consider keeping, as I played them with Carvin dcm 2500’s bridged, source was Acurus and-11 (amazing player) I wish I had kept them, they did sound great.   Replaced with the BIC V830 pair, and for 70$ pair, they sound great, looked at themRealta pair few weeks back, didn’t have the room for them, t hey were a great price, and a short 35 mile,drive,….had a discoloration to……


forget it, I’m goin bed.


@arcticdeth, i'm on a fixed income so i can't buy new speakers! as far as my 901's are ancient the only good stuff i have is a mcintosh mx132 pre-amp tuner and a mcintosh mc602 power amp! with 600 watts per chanell, i like the sound those old speakers put out!


Does the EQ work? When you depress the defeat, can you hear a difference. If it’s still working, I wouldn't worry about it as they may have still been using lightbulbs in that unit.

@fiesta75, that arcticdeth is not a nice person! that's ok! some people are like that! i hope he responds on my mcintosh equipment that i have!!!!

Yeah not a nice person. I tried to ignore all of his ramblings and just answer your question honesty, using my thoughts. Best wishes.

**** i still get great sound. ****

Don’t worry about it.  Burned out LED whose only function is to tell you power is on.  Some here will tell you that it probably sounds BETTER without the LED on 😊.  Enjoy your speakers!

I have a series 6 equalizer.  Works fine except the red LED turns off intermittently and equalizer stops functioning.  A few smacks on the equalizer brings it back to life.  I figured it might be power supply cold solder joints.  I melted/cooled and PC board joint in the power supply area.  Still fails occasionally but a good smack brings it back to life. Any advice to fix?


Power still turns off occasionally