Boulder 1060 amplifier sound vs. Krell EVO 402

I am feeling a change coming on. Has anyone heard these two amps and have an opinion on the sound quality, which is "better?" I am driving Revel Salon2 speakers with a Rex pre-amp.

My impression of the Boulder 1060 is that it has a forward treble, which was not my preference. Perhaps the 2000 series is better, but very expensive.

I have personally used the BAT Rex with the Pass XA200.5 and the Karan Acoustics 1200 monoblocks. Each of these is excellent and recommendable. The Pass XA.5 has a harmonic richness that is special. The Karan has a big sound and is very even across the whole spectrum, including the midrange. I am also curious about Gryphon and Vitus, but these are particularly costly.
It my experience Boulder has a slightly more refined and more natural sound. I'd lean that direction if it were up to my preferences.
I don't believe you would like the boulder 1 bit with your'e revels, just my opinion I just auditioned their 25,000.00 and 45,000.00 2 channel amps and they sounded like cr"/ ? way to forward with the highs !I then auditioned the new ayre and my speakers were taken control of and performed like magic !
What I understood from a dealer is that the Boulders 850 mono blocks are better then the 1060 stereo amp. I have no idea how they would preform with your speakers.
When you audition the Boulder, make sure the equipment has been turned on and playing music for at least 24 hours. If listening from a cold power up, or even a recent power up, the treble will sound forward and exhibit other solid state attributes (read "bad"). When fully warmed up, Boulder equipment is extremely liquid, neutral, three dimensional and lifelike. The sound is gorgeous. The 2000 series offers better liquidity, more three dimensionality, and a more realistic midrange than the 1000 series, while the 1000 series sounds faster and dynamically more explosive (not necessarily a bad thing). I think Boulder gets a bad rap sometimes because people audition the equipment cold, and it does sound really bad when cold. I leave my stuff on all the time. Hope this helps.
I've heard Boulder more than once, and it always sounds great. They are also very well thought of. A first hand listen is probably necessary no matter what direction you lean in. I cannot imagine how you could go wrong w/ either or Cshouse007's Ayre's (I have owned them myself). If you like SS and the sound of your speakers you're pretty safe.
I did not find the Boulder 1060 to have a forward treble even when compared with Lamm M1.2 Reference amps, which I would characterize as enticing, seductive and ever so slightly lush. The 1060 seemed to have a more even-handed frequency response than the Lamms. In comparison, the 2060 is more liquid and combines even control of frequencies from the lowest bass to highest treble and is very pleasant to listen to i.e. it does not call attention to itself. I have not owned Evo 402s while I have owned the equipment I refer to.

Perhaps you have tried various amps with your Revel speakers. If so, you might be able to determine the sonic signature of the speakers and mate a suitable amp to them. I have owned four BAT preamps but not the Rex. If the Rex retains the sonic character I associate with the marque but better, then I would say the preamp offers a decided holography and burnish palpability but with a bit of diffused imaging compared with a commensurate solid state amp. If you want "more of a good" thing a la the BAT sound then Boulder may not be the way to go. If you want an amp that controls the Revel without undue coloration, the 1060 would be a fine choice. In addition, Boulder amps are incredibly well built, superior to many others.