Bow Technologies Amplifier's XLR inputs - jackpot question, help needed thanks.


I have recently bought a Bow Technologies Wazoo (not XL) integrated amp to match my Esoteric K-07Xs SACD player.

Since both feature XLR connections, I have made myself a decent pair of balanced cables (hot+cold+ground, XLR plugs).

Now, the Esoteric has three selectable options for the XLR output: pin 2=hot, pin 3=hot and ESL-A (ESLink-Analogue); I am vaguely aware that pin 2=hot is EU while pin3=hot is US or so, but ESL-A is a proprietary format by Esoteric and requires a twin receiver circuit in the amp, which is only available on Esoteric amps.

I have connected the SACD to the Wazoo with the XLR-terminated cables, and it sounds in all three configurations.. Letting alone the ESL-A, which may be problematic without a proper receiving end, I cannot honestly say that I can hear a difference between pin2=hot and pin3=hot; yet I guess it's a matter of which side of the signal is inverted.

The Question(s):

Does anybody know by first hand experience or a reliable source if the Wazoo has a true balanced input (only available selecting input 1)?

Does anybody know by first hand experience or a reliable source if the Wazoo has its XLR input wired pin2=hot or pin3=hot?

Can anyone tell me if it's just a case of personal preference or if it matters? I HATE options and only wish to know if there is a proper connection and which one it is.

Thanks for your help.


P.S. I have written to an address connected to Bow Technologies, which is currently no more active, and am still waiting for an answer.


Just off the top of my head, you can have it work both ways but one way would be out of phase. 

It should only make a difference in absolute polarity and be inaudible.

Thanks. I've had a reply to my first question from the current owner of the Bow brand, who is also the man behind PrimaLuna.

As for the rest, I suspected as much; considering that pin2=hot is the current wiring in EU, I'll stick to that option.

Much appreciated, thanks again.