Bricasti M1 internal temperature

What's the correct working internal temperature range for the Bricasti M1 DAC? Nothing about this in the user's manual...
Why would they list that in the users manual for a DAC? Do you feel it's overheating or something?
I have no experience with the M1, but FWIW I would certainly not be surprised if the internal temperature of any component incorporating sophisticated digital signal processing varied significantly depending on what the DSP is being asked to do. In other words, on sample rate, filter selection, input format, etc.

Similar to how the temperature of the CPU chip in a computer varies widely as a function of its workload, resulting in its cooling fan audibly speeding up and slowing down at various times.

And of course the internal temperature will be directly affected by the room temperature as well.

-- Al
Aha just looked at the manual and see that internal temp is part of the display possibilities. Not sure about anyone else but since we're talking about audiophiles here offering that bit of info seems downright cruel! ;-)
My unit has been on for 5 days straight and reads 91 currently.
Yes it sits in the open with good air flow.
Ours has been on for past two days running in some new Purist Audio Design cables. Reads 100 degrees currently. Well ventilated and nothing above it.

Mine reads 103. I just received this dac a week ago and it sounds fantastic right out of the box. Is there a break in period and what do you notice when fully broken in.
ive had mine for perhaps 5 months now. I would say there is a break in period. I also found it superb out of the box, and yet noticed small changes within a week or two. For instance, straight out of the bid I had one preferred filter setting but a few weeks later I settled on a different setting. But the difference was truly minor.