Bridge II card PS audio.

I'm in the market for a direct stream dac. My question concerns buying with or without the bridge II card.I already stream through a Blusound node and am satisfied with the sound.Anybody out there have input on weather the the Bridge II was an improvement over a blusound node.The Mcontrol app for controlling bridge II is pretty clunky compared to the blusound app. I just want any input people have experienced having listened to the Bridge II over their stand alone streamer under say 700.00   Marc.


Bought mine with no Bridge. Happy as a clam.i paid for but ignore mConnect.

The PS Audio website says to avoid the Bridge because it is noisy and use IS2 for input.  

I use the Bridge for ethernet input with Tidal.  MQA changed their format so the MQA conversion on the Bridge no longer works with Mcontrol.  You have get another app and pay a subscription fee (I can't remember the name of the app).


I've had my Drectstream for several years and just decided to make some changes to it. Last week I upgraded the transformers to Edcor XS4400.  I'm getting ready to add an outboard DC supply (Farad Super 3) for the analogue board, and put rf/emi shielding in the DAC.

Its my first time modifying equipment and is quite fun.  It is giving the DAC new life after years of use.  The PS Audio website has extensive information about modifying the DAC.  You might want to read the review on Audio Science Review.  It is counter to all the other reviews I've read.





The PS Audio website says to avoid the Bridge because it is noisy and use IS2 for input.  


The Bridge II uses ethernet as it's connection. Not IS2.That connection would have to come from a streamer that outputs IS2. This is not what my thread as i started it is asking.Again I'm asking about sound quality of the Bridge II compared to a outboard streamer such as a blusound node or other streamers under 750.00

While I haven’t made a direct comparison of the bridge II versus the bluesound node in my system I do have the Directstream with the bridge II and my buddy uses the bluesound node in his system. Without question I prefer the interface of the node better than mcontrol app. Regarding sound quality I know it’s apples and oranges with two different systems but I can’t imagine one or the other being a huge improvement in sound quality except for maybe the node accepting wifi and the bridge II accepting only Ethernet.

What did make a slightly audible improvement for the bridge II is when I connected a wifi extender in my stereo room and used Ethernet from the extender to the bridge II which ended up being about 8 feet of cat5. Basically what that did is make the bridge II accept wifi. Wifi signals in my house seem to be better than the noise on a hard connected Ethernet cable.

I’m seeing a whole lot of Directstreams for sale lately and a number are without the bridge so if you are happy with the bluesound node I’d say save a few bucks and get a good deal on a Directstream sans bridge. Regardless of interface I really enjoy the DAC. Best of luck.

Thanks Arch.Though i will be using Wifi only to control the app,this is the type of input I'm looking for.

Unfortunately I haven't streamed with a device under $700USD, so I can't comment on that compared to the Directstream.  However, I did give you information on the DAC after having used it for several years with Bridge. I was hoping you would find that information helpful.  In any regard, I wish you good luck in your quest for an answer.

I replaced my Node 2 streamer / DAC with a Direct Stream with Bridge..

The DS / Bridge was far superior.  I never thought to try the node as streamer into the DS.  I run roon, so the op systems did not matter, and not a fan of BluOS op system  anyway.  The advantage of DS with bridge is that it eliminates a power cord and an interconnect as well as a box.  I do not think you would miss the Node at all, and sellable as well.