Bryston Versus Musical Fidelity

As so often happens, the bug may be biting again. I currently have a Parasound A23 amp but am thinking about switching. I am contemplating either a Bryston 2.5b sst2 or Musical Fidelity M6S PRX.

Honestly, the music is sounding probably the best it has since I replaced the Parasound New Classic 2100 preamp with a Bryston BP6. That’s why I’m considering the Bryston amp even though the watts are the same as my current Parasound and less than the MF. But I know it’s not all about watts even though the MF would increase my headroom. Maybe I just like the Bryston sound.


Does anyone have any experience with these two amps? If so, what are your observations?

Other equipment: Marantz ND8006 CD player/streamer, Focal Aria 926 speakers, and Topping D50s external DAC.


Thank you for your recommendations!


I found pairing my BP6 with a 2B SST was a bit too clinical sounding and my McCormack DNA 0.5 RevA was a much better fit as it added some oomph and tonality I was missing yet retained the detail and transparency of the BP6.  I’d highly recommend buying this excellent McCormack amp that your BP6 will likely love…

Hope this helps, and best of luck.

It does. Thanks! What kind of speakers do you have? Some people think Focal like I have are bright but I’ve never thought that.

I have Soliloquy 6.2s — no longer in business but think Joseph Audio RM25XL and that’s basically their sound profile. Very natural sounding with excellent 3D imaging/soundstage. Since you asked, here’s a review I wrote of them 20 years ago (yikes!!!) in case it gives you any further useful info. And yes, I’m still using the same McCormack amp although I recently sprang for their most recent and top upgrades to the tune of around $2700. Frankly I think the DNA-225 probably sounds much more alike (and much more powerful) than different from my now fully-upgraded DNA 0.5. I obviously bought the review speakers and still love them and will likely never let them go.

If you don’t think your Focals are bright the DNA-225 will do nothing to make them sound bright and will very likely bring them even more to life with its great tonality, transparency, and huge reserves of power. I’d think the Parasound A21+ would also be a very nice upgrade if you’re more comfortable sticking with the brand. Honestly I can’t see you going wrong either way as these are both very musical and all-around exceptional amps IMHO. If anything I think either of these amps will make your speakers sound even more refined and just bring out more of what you already like about them. And, if ever you get “the itch” to eventually upgrade your speakers you can be confident either of these amps will continue to serve you very, very well. FWIW.

Oh, forgot to mention if you go the McCormack route you have the option in the future of sending it to SMcAudio and getting their excellent and significant upgrades if you ever want to take the amp to another level.  They’re excellent to deal with BTW if you ever have any questions/issues.

Since you are very knowledgeable on amps, do you have any experience with Musical Fidelity. One of the stereo places I use says they have received very good feedback with it paired with the Focal. 


I’m sorry but I really don’t.  My only semi-informed guess is that MF amps are a little warmer, fuller, and perhaps a little less detailed up top that may be why some people with Focal speakers may like them, but I really dunno.  If you don’t find your speakers bright with the A23 I might be a little concerned that the MF amps might be a little too laid back for your tastes, but like I said I really don’t know and this is just a guess based on not much.  If the MF dealer is worth anything he’ll let you take a demo unit home for a couple days so you can see/hear for yourself since that’s really all that matters.  If they won’t bother to let you demo a unit at home, I’d say find another dealer.  Sorry I can’t be more help.

Sadly no dealers in my rural area of SC anymore, even nearby Greenville. This dealer also carries Parasound and I think does have a return policy. It is in the Massachusetts area.


thanks so much for all of your help!

Go to Charlotte. It is worth the trip to actually hear stuff. The secret lies with Charlotte.

I own a Bryston  2BSST driving a pair of Totem Rainmakers.  My source are  Rega Planar 3 with a Sumiko Blue Point Special and Graham Slee phono preamp. For c I use a Brysto BCD-3. To some my system may sound dryer clinical. But after being into quality audio equipment for over 50 years I have realized one important thing. What sounds dry or clinical to one listener may be musical to another's ears. Also there may be in music tast, jazz vs classic rock etc. As our hearing changes with age, there is a difference in the way we hear our music. So to sum it up, "what sounds good to me, might sound awful to you". After all is sid it done it is a matter of personal preference.

Bryston is an amp. A well built one for it's price point but it's nothing magical nor special. Just an amp. It will perform for you for decades without a hiccup :)