Building 2.0/2.1 PC system

As a owner of a used CD store for many years I have a great library of loss less converted. Currently I have ordered a Emotiva XDA-2 DAC that has arrived. Also have a pair of JBL 530's on the way. As of right now I plan on using a old Pioneer SX-636 receiver as my amp.

It is the amp that concerns me and where I am already looking to upgrade. While I have no doubt what I currently have will get me by for a bit I know that this will end up my primary music system and would like to keep it that way. What I know I want would be a integrated amp/receiver that would allow hooking up a CD and Turntable and maybe allow playing straight from a USB drive. Sound quality is what is most important to me as this will remain dedicated to music.

So what good quality receivers are there with those features that will not break the bank?
"So what good quality receivers are there with those features that will not break the bank?"

I can't really recommend anything specific because I don't know your taste in equipment, but if you get an integrated amp, as opposed to a receiver, your choices will vastly increase.
The problem is the phono stage.Most I/A's & receivers have dropped them.If you could go with an outboard phono stage I would recommend the Dared i30 Tube(6L6GC)integrated amp with built in USB DAC or one of Peachtree Audio's Integrated Amps.
I just realized that there are a bunch of turntables available today with built in DAC drives.One of these with either of the above mentioned amps will set you right up!
You have a DAC with USB and SPDIF inputs. I recommend a line level integrated amp with a separate phonostage for flexibility.  What is your budget. 
OP,have a look at the XiangSheng Sweet Peach tube integrated amp.13wpc.SET using Russian FU50 Triode Transmitter tubes.Has built in MM phono stage,DAC,headphone out & should sound fantastic.Cost around $400.00 delivered DHL.