Building an Audio - TV Room -- Help?

Dear Goners,

I have just purchased a new house (new for me -- it was built in 1927) that has a nice 18 by 16 foot room on the second floor that needs a redo. It appears to be a superb candidate for creating a stereo and TV space. I am new to higher end audio. How do I "re-do" the room to get the most of out it sonically?

The room is presently wood paneled with knee walls on the north and south ends. I will almost certainly pull out the paneling, re-insulate and close up again with drywall or some other material should I learn differently here. What are your thoughts about how to build out the room? Assume I know nothing -- because I do.

I have some Rega R-7s and will soon add a Rega Apollo, Rega Mira3 and a California Audio Labs CL 10 to the mix. I have about 200 CDs and a 50 disk LP collection that I am thinking of pitching...This room is somewhat isolated in the house. It might be nice to send some sound to the living room and or dining room, which are on the first floor of course. Should I be looking at the "slingbox" technology for those rooms? How does one power power those speakers?

My TV is a Sony Bravia BR2 46 inch.

I listen to blues, jazz, alternative rock and rock.

Thanks for your thoughts, advice, referrals and so on!


I know just $.02 more than you do, but here it is.

Depending on how much you want to spend, you might need to do somehting with the floor, i.e. replacing/reinforcing beams. I would think that being on the second floor is going to give you problems with vibration. There are of course options to isolate all your gear.

Second, again considering budget, think about redoing the wiring and putting outlets on direct, individual breakers for cleanest, steadiest power.

I don't know if there are special building materials you should be using, but I suspect so. In connection, room treatments will be key.

My most important advise would be, pay close attention to what everyone else posts.

Good luck; good listening.
Hey don't pitch those lp's get a Rega P3 to complete your system and enjoy them!
1. wiring - at least 2-3 dedicated lines for your equipment. Audio & video on separate circuits. If you can, analog and digital - same like above. Ones at it - a separate ground for all your electronics. Try to avoid dimmers (my mistake).
2. Use of wall system like the one from Auralex or others is a plus. Here is the link, just to give you idea what I have in mind: wall/floor etc. products
It is not free but well worth it.
3. Many ways to distribute the sound though out the house. I use Sonos for ease of use, price, sound quality in general and possibility to use it as a source in the main system without too much compromises, expandability.
Here is the link to that: Sonos system
4. Choice of components and your preferences.
That is a hard part since you know most of the answers not I. Is the music a primary purpose of this room or a media room with multifunction in mind? It is your call.

That is it for now - it should get you started.
Check Rives site - nice info. bank there.

Cheers & enjoy
the music M.S