i have a mcintosh mc602 with a few bulbs that are out. is it hard to replace them??


It has been a while since I had changed them on a MC352 and MC7205. But I downloaded a service manual to see how you can get to the bulb rail. I am assuming you are talking about meter lights? But once you have the rails or light strips out you must be careful not to get anything too hot removing the old bulb and installing the new bulb as well. Excessive heat can damage the strip/rail. I would also suggest that you replace all the bulbs as if one or two has failed the rest are not far behind. As another suggestion, contact Audio Classics as they may have a LED kit for your amp and this would be the last time you would have to replace bulbs.


I agree with Theo. I have a MC 7205 bought new in 2001. Two of the three power meter lamps failed within a few years of use. I was reluctant to do a DIY attempt to fix, so I just switched off all three lamps. At the end of the day I was more interested in the sound than the looks. Good luck, g_nakamoto. 

I had a friend of mine tried to replace some of mine on a CD player. Well let me Telya it wasn’t that easy just to get the glass front off was a project and then the bulbs were soldered to a circuit board with other circuits on it and I think we overheated the board because nothing ever work the same again. LOL I sold it to the Macintosh dealer letting him know what we happened I’m sure a service tech knew how to fix it but I just gave up on it. It was about a $700 mistake lol

I am assuming that you are talking about the meter bulbs? If so they are incandescent and plug into sockets. Other lamps are LED's which are soldered into a board. The manual for this amp is at McIntosh MC602 Stereo Power Amplifier Manual | HiFi Engine. I looked at the service manual and if you are good with tools it should not be that difficult. My guess is they are probably standard, may still be available online or even at an auto parts store. I personally haven't worked on this amplifier but have done a few Macs in the past. Maybe oldhvymec would be a good person to answer this question?

These from Parts Express are LED bulbs that twist in like the incandescent ones (if that's the type you need).

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