Burn In CD s Demag CD s

Can anyone please compare / contrast the Burn in CD's which are available from Purist, XLO, & Reference Recordings (no doubt there are others?). Also there are "System Demag" CD's made by Densen & Ayre Acoustics that I know of. I have not used any of these, but I'm considering trying them.
I believe that I understand the intended use differences between the BurnIn & the Demag discs; wondering if there is any CD available that performs both functions?
Please relate your experiences with any of these devices; are any of them worthwhile & if so, which ones do you prefer? Thanks for sharing!
I have no experience with any of the discs you mentioned, but purchased the LLC5 4 in 1 Utility Disc by Audiosource (that's the complete name) from HMV records (in Canada) a few years ago for about $15. It is a complete set-up disc that also offers a lens cleaner as well as a burn-in track and a demagnetizing sweep tone. I use it to clean and demagnatize about once every week or 10 days and it works quite well; the demagnetizing is probably more dramatic the first time you use it, and a little more subtle when used on a regular basis. The burn-in track is very worthwhile (although you don't use it very often!) and allows you to "burn in" components or cables by repeating the track to run for about 6 hours. It all sounds like a lot of voodoo, but I wouldn't be without it. Don't know if I'd want to pay $150 for one of these discs though. For what it's worth, if they're still in business, company is AudioSource, 1327 North Carolan Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010 Phone 415-348-8114
Fax 415 348-8083
Hi Bob; I own and use the XLO CD. It has a 15 min. burn in track that I use on repeat, and it also has de-magetize tracks-- also a bunch of other tracks for set up etc. I recommend it. I've not used the others you mention. Cheers. Craig
I also own and use the XLO CD and it works effectively on my Theta Digital separates. I can't speak for the other mfg's out there but several of my friends own, use and are happy with the XLO! Regards.
the purist audio cd is the only one that works. it's worth the money. this cd will break-in your entire system in 6 hours!!