BUY Bryston!!!!!

My 18yo Bryston  amp stopped  playing on the left channel , I sent it to the  Vermont repair center,with in 4 days I had it back repaired like new(no charge, they paid shipping back) Mean time I was rearranging my other components to make room for an extra T.T. I took the feet off my Bryston power supply to lower it when I reinstalled the feet I used a longer screw and screwed into the circuit board shorting out the power supply !!! I called Bryston and sent it to them ,they saw what happened when they opened the power supply,called me , and said that they were repairing the unit no charge even though I caused the problem myself !They said(Don't remove the feet any more) What great customer service !!!!!You can call them direct, they always pick up the phone and you talk to a tech  ! ONE Very good company!!   T.Y.
Wow, now that's enough to make me want a Bryston next time!!

Its a far cry from a company like Schiit that takes no calls on product questions and refuses to honor their own return policy. 

Thank you for the heads up. I will not forget it.
Bryston are great folks. I think it was James Tanner (Bryston VP) who hand delivered my first 3B-ST to Whitby Audio when he was driving home to Peterborough. I have bought and sold a lot of Bryston gear and it was always with full confidence that the gear would work or get easily fixed to 100% operational ability.
@firstnot Broke cheap audiophiles who buy schiit from schiit garage companies deserve all the schiit that comes their way.
Just goes to show that if you build a great product there's little to lose in offering an incredible warranty.   This kind of post is really better than any ad spot you could run, it fosters loyalty of existing customers and draws in potential new customers.   
@maguiar, I bought the 3BST and 4BST, running them with Magnepans and Martin-Logan hybrid ESL’s. They were clean and clear and easy to listen to. A little laid back - involving but not fatiguing. An amp to use and keep rather than an amp to wow and trade.

I once shorted out the outputs while under load by moving them against a bare aluminum chassis. Massive fireworks, as in arc welding, which is what I was unintentionally doing. The Bryston shut down, cooled down, and then worked fine.

They (Brystons) lacked the extreme clarity and focus of my Atmosphere amps, but they (Brystons) didn’t have issues, ever, and didn’t need adjustment, ever, and didn’t need tubes. I would still have them if I didn’t DIY my electronics these days.