Buy it now?

I've been asked a couple of times now about a "buy it now" price for one of my auctions. I hadn't seen much if at all of that here on A'gon, so had not set a "buy it now" price as that seemed a breach of A'gon ettiquette.

In general, what do you buyers think about "buy it now?" Does it interest you or offend you? Just curious.
As long as no one has made a bid, you are free to negotiate and cancel the auction if you want.
If bids are made, you should honor the original auction terms.
My 2 cents.
Dweller, I agree. I was just curious if others agree that "buy it now" is not really in the spirit of an Audiogon auction.
Ebay seems to do well with the "Buy-it-now" option. I don't see why Audiogon can't implement it. It really depends on how quickly the seller wants to move it. I've seen Audiogon reserves in auctions set at, say, $500.00( which could be their buy-it-now price) and the auction ended selling for twice that amount. Then again, I've also seen many auctions ending at not meeting the reserve price. So you never know.
On eBay, Buy It Now prices are usually a lot higher than the reserve prices. They are also usually higher than auction prices as well.

Only a seller completely unaware of market values sets a too low Buy It Now; like the guy who recently sold me a mint Shure V15VxMR cartridge and stylus with all boxes and paperwork for $100 with free shipping.