Bypass Preamp& Amp

I have Denon Receiver and demo-ing an intergrated amp. How do I bypass the pre-amp and amp in the denon?

You can't bypass the Denon unless you run Y connectors from your inputs to both pieces and a second set of speaker wire out to the speakers from the integrated amp. If you do that, make damn sure the Denon and the integrated are NOT both powered up simultaneously.

You could then do an A/B comparison by alternating between the receiver and the integrated but I'd wait a few minutes after powering one down before firing up the other.
Thanks willhiteb. I spoke to Denon today and they were no help but I understand it can be done--the person who suggested it, can no longer be reached. Question for you: You can run the intergrated out of the pre-out on the denon with no problems--right?

Thanks Again.
Hey Thanks Dakota! I thought you'd like that humor. It was much better than what originally came to mind. Humor aside, I believe my advice is technically accurate as well.

Best of luck to you.

You continue to show your lack of intelligence, pal. if you reply again, you only confirm it and I will file a complaint with the admin here. Now bye bye.
Maybe my humor was poor.

Nevertheless, lets see if I can help you with your problem. There's a lot of gaps to fill in. I suppose this is a surround system (the question is posted under HT) and I further suppose you have a DVD player which possibly pulls double duty as a CDP. I suppose you are trying out Intergrateds because you want to improve your two channel sound.

You could run the Digital out from the DVD to the Denon and the Analog outs from the DVD to the Intergrated. Hook your primary L/R speakers to the Intergrated. Run the Front L/R preamp outs from the Denon to an available input on the Intergrated. You would have a unity gain issue when in surround but you would have a nice clean seperated signal path for two channel and you could still have surround when you want it. Voila!

I am just taking a guess at what your goal is. For a dumb guy that aint bad is it? Also, in the future, could you please ease up on the Ad Hominem, or at least wait until I've called your favorite piece crappy sounding!
Distort, appreaciate the input and apology. That's pretty much what I am doing right but using HDMI from DVD to Denon. What happens is that both volume pots are fuctioning! I talked to intergrated company today and they assure me this will do no harm to intergrated. But it is degrading sound since the preamp in intergrated is certainly superior to the the denon.

There is a way to do this using the tape out on denon into intergrated but then I lose Dvd signal and only get tv signal. The good news, as you point out, is when playing cds I am utilizing purely the intergrated.

"What happens is that both volume pots are fuctioning! I talked to intergrated company today and they assure me this will do no harm to intergrated."

Yes, unity gain. Should be harmless, unless its severly overdriven, in which case you would certainly notice. No worries but a little bit of a pain to balance the two controls.

You're right, the Denon Preamp is (more than likely) degrading the sound. Which is why I recommend removing the Denon from, if nothing else, that particular loop in your system.

You will need to run Analog L/R outs from the DVD player straight to the Intergrated (Using a another input). Thus bypassing the Denon altogether but you would then be relying on your DVDs DACs and output stage. This is a cleaner/straighter wiring scheme and potentially better but only if the DVD player is up to the task.

Some gear will alow different (maybe better) solutions but I am not sure of which models we are talking about. A DVD player which has a good analog section could be just fine hooked up the way I previously described. And BTW, is exactly how I have my DVD player hooked up.
Isn't that what I already said in my post? The integrated has a pre-amp and the only way the 2 pieces can be isolated for A/B is my way.S/he needs to hear the piece by itself. The compromise is the quality of the "Y" connecters.
Yes Willhiteb, I meant to point out that, your suggestion is correct but I forgot. Sorry for being redundent and forgetful. However, no y connectors are necessary in this case.

I fully agree with Willhiteb. If I were demo'ing I would pull the Denon and cleanly install the new Intergrated for a no compromises audition. The wiring scheme I later suggested, is more of a permanent install configuration for a two channel Intergrated and a Surround Receiver living harmoniously in one system.
Hopefully the conclusion:

There is a element to this story that I have omitted--why do I want to keep the Denon? One reason--The video scaler capabilties. I have let go of needing surround sound. But two days ago, while reading thru my Sharp Aquos Manual, I stumbled across something. The TV does not automatically upconvert the tv signal to 1080i! This is why I bought this TV and when I saw the poor job is was doing I bought the Denon AVR 4306 which has many uses. But the TV needs to be set to auto to upconvert the 1080i! Tonight I did it and the picture on non-hd channels looks fine if not a bit better than with denon.

Lesson: Work with people who are close to you as oppossed to designing and advising on phone. I had this TV 9 monthes and didn't realize it!

Thus I can purely run the intergrated rogue cronus with full NOS retube. And sell the Denon--anyone interested! The source is soon to be a seroiusly modified Toshiba HD-A2. I have been using castle speakers which are horrible. I am thinking of going with Engima--any suggestions?

Right now I am trying to figure the best configration between the TV, satelite receiver, intergrated and dvd. Utilizing either HDMI or componet video. The TV only takes one HDMI

I want to thank both of you for your input!

I thought I finally got out of the Audiophile illness! I guess not!
All's well that ends well. The Cronus is a fine piece BTW.

You'll definitely want to use that HDMI input when you go HD-DVD, so a HDMI switcher may be in order. My TVs built in scaler does just fine with the Component input from the Cable box. I tried DVI and HDMI (vs Component from the Cable box) and I cant see a difference. I do strongly prefer the HDMI output from my DVD player upscaled to native 720p. Your mileage may vary, so I merely state my preferences, which should be taken with a grain of salt.
Hi Distort,

I agree--the component from satelite box seems to work equally well. And running HDMI from DVD which I beleive will onll unconvert DVDs to 1080i if it an HDMI connection. I am running the audio interconnects right from satelite box.

Looking forward to getting the NOS Mullard and other tubes in. And speaker thoughts?

Speakers are as diverse as it gets and personal too. I havent heard Castle at all, so I cant comment there.

Theres a ton of variables, likes, dislikes, Size, WAF, etc . to go through with speakers, but I bet some A'goner can help you out.