Cables for KRC3 to KSA250?

Any recommendations on what XLR cables would work good between these two Krells?
My speakers are JBL250Ti, Originals.
The Wireworld Silver Eclipse 6 cables would sound great - I have owned the Krell KSA 250 amp as well as the Krell KCT preamp. You're in luck - I have them for sale on Audiogon -
I sold Krell for 6 years.My boss didn't have them but for friends I got Cardas (as much as you can afford) tames the metallic mids inherent in Krell all the more to enjoy the fine highs and great bass grip.Cardas softens the nasties that make Krell (A or A/B) sound metallic or "etched".Avoid any cables (like MIT) that makes mids "pop" which a lot of people think gives them more because of the "pop" but in fact just roll off frequency extremes but this is for all speakers and my gripe about all cables manufacturers who give less info rather than more.I like Kimber for value but Cardas is great for Krell.