CABLES for Tubes?

what are the best interconnects for a tube amp and Tube tuner and to a regular CD player and SilverLine Speakers
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Usually any type of silver cable will do.My preferences are Audioquest Diamond or the cables by Granite Audio.Speaker wire I'm using an older set of Audioquest they are about over 10 years old,silver wire.Currently I have a combination of Threshold and Conrad Johnson and plan to use the CJ on the top and the Threshold on the bottom and the preamp is CJ too,CD is CAL Audio Labs Genises solid state.
I agree with the silver wire. Also consider Kimber KCAG or Silver streak. I currently use Wire World Gold EclipseIII in my all tube setup.
i've got the sonatinas and like the silverline audio conductors as bi-wire speaker cables. i also like their interconnect but am using XLO type 1.1 and Magnan type vi right now. the silverline cables are the same wire they use internally in the speaker itself. mike
Have to check in on the side of silver cables with tubes. Tubes are not nearly as prone to the nasties of what solid state can often sound like with silver. And to me, the silver just lets more of the music through.
I don't necessarily agree that silver cables are always the way to go with tubes. The other factor is the speakers themselves. I have tried the Harmonic Tech Pro Silway silver cables with my all tube system AND the Merlin VSM-SE speakers. The Harmonic Tech Truthlinks proved less bright and a better overall match. So the answer isn't always silver with tubes but lies more in the balance you are looking for and what is going to bring out that balance based on the rest of your system.
depending on your budget,ANALYSIS PLUS for shallow pockets and cardas golden cross for the deep pockets.when it comes to no hype or flavor of the month cable,dollar for dollar, analysis plus is the best by on the market.PERIOD
If you like silver the Homegrowns are very very difficult to beat for the value they represent.
I have a BAT VK5i and Bryston 4bst setup and I find the Nordost SPM to sound fantastic. They were fast, F-15 fast. My speakers are Martin-Logan ReQuests. I feel its a good combo after everything is burned in. Harmonic Techs are good value but balance is important like others have mentioned. Its a tuff game. So many cables, so little time and not always the opportunity to Demo. Good Luck