cal. audio lab delta

I'm looking to replace my cal audio delta with a new top loading transport. I still want to use my cal audio alpha  till I can afford a new DAC. I'm stuck between Jay's ,Project,and Rega apollo.  Any suggestions?🍻


Pro-ject - Jays - then Rega.  But a better DAC and a few modifications to the Cal is where I would venture.

thanks for the reply bigkids .delta not working thought was non repairable.

Your thoughts is to upgrade the Alpha D.A.C. first if I get the Delta up and running? 

               I'm Using a Sony 5 disc player recorder temporarily  till I fix my Cal. Audio woes. 

        I have MG 3.5 fed by a Bryston 4b running the lows, a CJ MF200 running the highs ,CJ Pv 12 pre. Two rythmic Subs round it all off.

    Have no interest what so ever  in streaming .   

                                 Thank you 🍻