Cambridge 840c vrs used Cary 303/300

I've been seriously considering the Cambridge 840c CDP. Many like the way it sounds after broken in. They sell used here almost every week. But, I've seen some good used buys on Audiogon for the Cary 303/300 CDP. I'm running with tubes in the preamp and amps. I like the build of the Cary model. Any comments of owners who are familiar with both would be appreciated. Either choice would be an improvement to my current CDP. Thanks!
I've heard both extensively. A well broken in Cambridge 840C is really hard to beat. The Cary 303/300 on the other hand just doesn't quite do it for me; of course a lot of it depends on which 12AU7 tubes you use. I think considering you are already using tubes in your preamp and power amps that you would definately prefer the Cambridge. Both the Cambridge 840C and Cary 303/300 are made in China.

Thanks for the reply. Good comments. I forgot that both were made in China. I think your right on the Cambridge. It's interesting that you see so many 840C's for sale. But, I tend to hold on to audio gear as if their old friends.
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I haven't heard the Cambridge so I can't compare the sound quality of the two players. The advantage of the Cary is that you can do a lot of tuning with it. Tube or solid state output, no upsampling or various rates of upsampling, and tube rolling. So you can tweak the sound quite a bit.
Yes, Tomcy6 is correct. the Cary is very versatile. The various sampling rates and tube or SS output really allows you to match the player in your current or future system, plus with the quality of the recording. It is quite impressive.