Cambridge CXN

I use this for a streamer and listen to a lot of internet radio that shows 192K that the CXN supports but noticed on my preamp that no matter what the stream, it always shows 44.1K.

My preamp is also supposed to support the higher number using the coax digital input but never does. Spotify is the same way so not sure what's up. Any ideas please?


I also have the CXN ver. 1, and you might try doing a direct USB connection into the CXN and see if that shows the correct value.  I use a iPhone with the camera adapter/dongle into the USB on the CXN and it receives the data as 192kHz. If your preamp then doesn't show the same kHz it might be that the preamp isn't functioning properly.   Spotify on my CXN is 16 bit/44 kHz via Airplay. 

  I have the CXN 60 and also do not have that issue.  It may be something in the interface between the CA and the preface.  Did you send a message to CS customer support?  I found them very helpful

I haven't done anything yet but try to research online to no avail. 

Haven't tried the usb connection on the preamp yet but have the CXN hooked up with the digital coax and also the balanced audio out to see if I could tell a difference switching between the two.

On the coax the preamp always reads the 44.1K and the balanced doesn't show anything and I can tell a difference between the two but not sure which one I prefer.