Can the top end of a PrimaLuna Evo integrated be tamed w/tube rolling?

This weekend I have a PrimaLuna Evo 3 as a house guest to compare with my Supernait 3 solid state integrated. Both are about the same price, basically tube vs solid state. I am a big fan of the Naim PRaT but I also find the depth and transparency of tubes very engaging. The Evo integrated on its own lacks the rhythm and pace of the Naim but it does have transparency and imaging in spades.

So the idea is maybe run an Evo 3 preamp instead along with a Naim 250 (or just use the amp section of the Supernait).

But one problem I cannot get over is that there is a very fatiguing high end to the Evo 3. Cymbals, snare drums, top edge of distorted guitars, etc are pretty harsh at any volume higher than background music. To compare, my vintage Luxman valve preamp into the SN3 does not have this quality (but it lacks the refinement of the PrimaLuna).

It would be ideal to do some tube rolling to get the best of all worlds... is there a tube selection that could work with the Evo preamp that would tame the harsher high end and smooth out the sound a little bit on top? Or is this just a part of the PrimaLuna signature?
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You should be able to make a difference by rolling tubes, but it may or may not be enough for you.

I would call Upscale Audio, the importer of PrimaLuna and dealer in NOS and current production tubes,  and talk to them about it.
It is not the amp. No idea why you are blaming the one thing it can't be. But you are.

Keep looking.
I am comparing a Supernait 3 and a PrimaLuna Evo 3 in the exact same system. The PrimaLuna has a harsher top end than the Supernait 3. Period... I unplug the cables from one amp and plug them into the other. It is most definitely the amp. Not the cables, not the speakers, not the room, or whatever mystic Yoda garbage is in the post above this one.

Just looking for a straight answer about tubes, thanks.
One person's clarity is another person's harshness. Although I've personally never found ANY tube amplifier to sound harsh, my ears are not your ears. Just stick to what you like and be done with it.
I can think of two tube amps that sounded harsh.

Sonic Frontiers Power 2

VAC PA 100/100

I would take a mid fi receiver over either of these.