Can Woofers Be Repaired?

I have a pair of rather generic (but for me, still adequate) speakers from the '80s, where the woofer on one speaker has deteriorated. Specifically, the rubber/foamlike substance that encircles the diaphragm and connects it to the outer rim that is fastened to the speaker body has deteriorated. The woofer sound is distorted because of this, but would function normally otherwise.

I posed this question to this forum around four weeks ago, and received a few responses as to what to do, but unfortunately, I found that the thread was since deleted, and I didn't copy the info I received then. Any responses (which I will be sure to promptly save this time), would be appreciated. Thank you.
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I've been out thousands to the vet for repairing my woofer. You're better off with a cat ;)
Parts Express sells foam surround kits by brand or generic.
I've never tried it myself.

Other than Parts Express a few full service centers are: (Orange County, CA). (Peoria, IL)

Both also sell DIY refoaming kits (supplied with instructions).

I have never replaced foam surrounds myself, but a local phile/collector has done so many times with good results.
Yes, you can go to Parts Express they sells foam surround kits - will cost you about $20-30(to much I think).
I think you better buy 2 new drivers. They have many and I say it is not expensive
Just my IMHO
Good luck!
I can recommend decware highly.
I had a pair of old AR 10" woofers refoamed, and just got a
pair of McIntosh 10" woofers redone. I paid $70 plus shipping for these. Tried to do the AR's myself, gave up and decided I'd let someone with steadier hands do it for the extra $50. Replacing the edge surrounds restores the woofer back to original sound, I think it's a good idea if the price is right. Reconing is usually not cost effective unless the emotional tie is too strong to break!