Can you make some sense? - Problem

My TT set up has only Right Channel working this morning. Left channel has faint noise at time or none at all. Last night was both channels were fully functional. Only two specific events stands out as different than usual. One: I let at the platter spin a little longer at the end of one side. Two: I have severe lint problem ( even after brush cleaning, every time I play) and have to clean the stylus more often with the LP # 9 fluid, and may be I might have allowed the fluid to trickle 'IN' the cartridge body.

I did some trouble shooting. The I/Cs from phono to pre are working and indicate the problem would be at the cartridge or the LH RCA termination. Although I did not touched nothing last night (but did disconnect termination to try something else a night prior- Historically I have had termination problem with this cable twice, but was on RH channel). Measuring resistance at termination shows no indication of a circuit continuity. While RH does indicate a continuity.

Is liquid going in the cartridge be the culprit or the RCA termination ( visually connections looks okay) or something else?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
May have a bad solder on one of your RCA connectors..I had a similar issue awhile back and couldn't find it until I removed the RCA fittings and noticed a weak solder...Also I had a problem once with the Headshell ( removable ) ..If I screwed it on too tight I would lose connectivity in one channel..Once I backed off on the tightness it was fine...May not help but ,good luck
Not necessarily.. You could have some tarnish blocking one leg somewhere.. I would undo the left channel wires to the cartridge, and left channel cables to the preamp. Clean the connections with alcohol and a toothpick, pipe cleaner, etc. and try it again. I bet that works. a matter of fact, I think just removing and replacing the wires would knock off the tarnish.
Sounds like you have the "historic" right channel problem on your left channel. The faint noise you are hearing is probably cross talk in your amp or pre-amp, but if you have no continuity in left channel and have had problems before with those same cables, I bet its the same or similar problem.
Thanks for your inputs guys. I will concentrate on re soldering the Left side termination at phono end. Sounds like cartridge still may be still okay (That was my major worry). I will try out Thorman's and Stringreen's suggestions first before undoing any termination. I might take the TT to Brooks Berden and let him fix the termination (I am not too deft with my hands:-))
Well, it turned out that my Cartridge turned bad. And this being a discontinued cartridge, they don't/can't refurbish.

Are there similar sound cartridges to my beloved Clearaudio Insider Reference wood? How does the Clearaudio Goldfinger sound in comparison?

Im suprised to hear CA cant/wont rebuild your cartridge but, I had an Insider gold which I replaced with a stradivari that now has broken in and delivers everything I liked about the insider and none of what I didnt like. I have heard the goldfinger is even more so. highend broker is a great place to get CA cartridges.
Thanks Rccc! Sounds like CA has raised the bar and are offering top performance in their newer cartridges. I will be sure to contact Highendbroker.