Cardas Clear usb

I would like to hear from anyone who has this cable and what did you have before the Cardas. I have the Kimber but would like to get something else better without selling the house. :-)
I had the Kimber and changed to Cardas clear. Clear is better in all respects. Resolution, bass weight, mid range clarity, sound stage, etc. Clear needs about 50 hours of break in.
An earlier thread that I started... haven't received much response:

>>I had the Kimber and changed to Cardas clear. Clear is better in all respects.<<

I'm not sure this can be generalized beyond your specific experience with Kimber and many people have under-raved the K-cable on various threads in the past. So this doesn't strike me as being anything more than CC is better than KC.

I'd like to hear from 'goners who have heard not only CC, KC but also Synergistic Research, Virtue, the Ridge Street Audio offerings (Poeima and Alethias), the Cryoparts and its related USB cables, and several other USB cable makers.

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Cardas Clear and the difference are night and day. The overall sound GREATLY improved. Much more musical. No more white noise. I truthfully have never been a believer in upgrading digital cords other than for basic build quality. Now I know better.
Me too. Switched from the ferrite Kimber to the Cardas clear usb. Couldn't be happier, especially for the $.
Deskducker, thanks for the info, so you feel its worth the money over the Kimber, is it a small difference or was it easy for you to hear ? thanks for all you guys for your info. Greg
USB cables can make a profound difference in a computer setup. I've owned at one point or another the poiema, a cryoparts, the polestar and now an axis USB cable. In a computer setup addressing jitter is first concern, then get the digital cabling correct, including the spdif or aes/ebu cable run from a converter if u use one. Otherwise you may end up chasing your tail for months or longer.

All the cables I mentioned work very well. Probably the most neutral I've heard being the axis. Very, very clean cable. Polite, detailed, zero hash. It compliments the purist audio spdif cable on my offramp converter incredibly well and gives amazing detail for an all tube setup.