Cartridge Alignment HELP

I am trying to align my new Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge on my Audio Technica AT-PL120 turntable, but I don't know how. I understand that I can use the protractors posted on Vinyl Engine, but I don't know how to use them. I can't find any videos or specific instructions; the closest I can find just say to "align it."

But how? How EXACTLY do I align my cartridge?
G'day mate, this article I've written on the general subject may hopefully assist. Regards, Fap.
Thanks a lot... but I still don't see how a two point protractor (like the one you linked me to) could work. I mean, do you have to move the protractor/platter after aligning it with the first point so that it can be parallel with the lines around the second point?

This one seems to make more sense, what do you think?

I don't understand why I'm so confused about this issue, everything I've read makes it sound like it's so easy... Agh... What am I missing.

Help from anyone would be much appreciated. Believe me, I appreciate it...
Hi, I feel your frustration. I got into vinyl about six months ago and it has taken about that long to learn how to set up a cartridge correctly (overhang, azimuth, vta, sra, vtf etc). If set up correctly it can sound very good if it not it can sound mediocre to bad. Here are a few of my observations. You have to enjoy the process because it is a process and it takes some time. Definitely not plug and play like CD. There is a lot of good information on agon and the internet it takes awhile to find and digest but it is there. Here is a good starting place Good luck
You are correct in that some of the two point protractors require you to move them after getting a tentative alignement at the first point. The protractor you referance from enjoythemusic sould allow you to not move the protractor and the stylus touch both points at the crosshairs if the overhang is correct. This is the "front to back" movement of the cartridge in the headshell for simplicity. Once you have your overhang set corectly and the stylus is centered at both of the alignment points then you want to align the cartridge (stylus actually) to the parallel lines. Check that the second point agrees and you are done. This is a simplistic overview to get you started. Take you time. Use very good light. Be patient. It will take some small adjustments. There are also "arc" protractors that give you a line that the stylus follows and then two points on that line to do the final alignment avalible at vinyl engine dot com. Hope this helps. There is alot written about this topic on many sites. Just remember go slow, tape your turntable platter so it cannot move while you are touching the stylus to the protractor (you don't want to damage the stylus before you get it aligned) and use magnification if you need to. Patience will be rewarded. Don't forget to set the tracking force first and remove or adjust to minimum your antiskate bias while you are doing the alignment.
Tell us where you live. There might be a member nearby who can assist you with the matter. I've traveled a few hours to set up tables and align cartridges and I know others on the site have been gracious with their time as well.

Another tool that you might seek out is the Geo Disc. You can buy one here:

Music Direct

Although it may not be as accurate as some of the other protractors, it's a pretty simple method to align your cartridge and should work fine for you.
Hello all,
But the question arises concering the original poster, the Mo-Fi Geodisc I know uses Baerwald Null Geometry, and in most cases, many of these Japanese Tables were designed instead to optimally use Stevenson Null Geometry.

I know it's a subject where there may be different personal choices, that either may work, and either will have thier advantages, and disadvantages.

I'd bet the boys over at audio-karma will be quite familiar with this model. It may be as simple as placing the Stylus so many mm (perhaps 49mm or 52) from the rubber gasket of the end of headshell, and then just square the Cartridge in headshell? Mark
You might consider purchasing the Michael Fremer DVD on how to setup a turntable. I purchased mine on Amazon for twenty something dollars.
G'day all, yes it takes a while to become conversant with the basic concepts of overhang set up but once it does become clear, it's like a relevation!

I find the two point protractors very easy to use and give consistent excellent results. They are my recommendation. Regards, Fap.