Cartridge recommendation for Pioneer PL-550

Hello, would love some recommendations for a cartridge for this TT.  Budget around $300, but can increase a bit.  I am having a difficult time finding information about the tonearm specs, checked vinylengine to no avail.  Thank you.
Thank you @dekay. It is crazy how difficult it is to find such basic information.  I am very confused as there are many people suggesting the Denon DL-110, but according to the resonance calculator, with the cartridge being so light and the compliance low @ 6, it does not look to be a good match.  I am considering the Denon as well as a Nagaoka MP-200 and both the AT VM540/740. Can anyone offer any advice?
@roberjerman do you have a specific model in mind?  Have you heard one on this table?
I've read that the Denon compliance specs are low (they are generally @ least double the stated spec).

Don't know if it's true or consistant.

A local guy successfully used a couple of Denons in the same arm I use (12.5g effective mass) but, I think he swapped in a slightly heavier and much stiffer headshell.

I still use the old stock perforated SME/Sure headshell, but once had excellent results using a solid Technics one with an old, old Grado. (not the 15 year old Grado I currently use).

Try researching cartridges of interest @ Vinyl Engine and Steve Hoffman's site to see what arms (effective mass) are compatible
in the real world.