Cary CPA-1 preamp...listening impressions?

Hi all. Noticed a second-hand one of these up for sale here on A-gon, within my price range, nice specs...But I could find next-to-nothing on it in terms of reviews / listening impressions.

I anyone out there knows this piece of gear and can offer their thoughts, I'll appreciate it, thanks!
The Cary is a very good preamp(for the money or even at 2-3 times the money).It is essentially the SLP 03 with a solid state output stage.It features true balanced inputs and outputs.It is very underated.I used mine with a Lehman Black Cube SE with excellent results.
Transnova:Thank-you for the info. I just bought the Cary CPA-1 mentioned. I am waiting for surgery and neede something to hols me over till I get back to work. I will be powering it with my Burmester 911 MK3. Sould be interesting! I figure if the CPA-1 is made by Cary, then it will have good quality. But, 2-3X is great news. I will accept it for what it is, rather than comparing it against my previous $30K pre/dac/cdp. Someimes it is good to "slum" it.:) I kid, I kid.
Hope all is well and your recovery is on schedule.Enjoy the Cary for what it is. I think you might be pleasently surprised.

Transnova, good luck with your surgery. I had surgery this past winter and spent two straight months in a hospital bed for recovery. The best thing I did was move hospital bed into my man cave. Having a access to my stereo system during that time helped get me through. Let us know how the Cary pre sounds.