Cary SLI-80 universal remote compatability?

I need a universal remote that will work with the Cary SLI-80. The Logitech Harmony is the only one i've found that has the codes pre-programmed. I cant justify shelling out $100 for the Harmony. Has anyone come across a cheaper remote with the codes programmed?

FYI, i don't have the original remote so I can't go the learning remote route.
Call Cary,I'm sure they will help you.They have a lot of the remote codes on the website but not for the SLI-80.
I don't know that you can find a halfway decent universal remote for less than $100. Especially if you expect it to have commands of fairly esoteric equipment such as Cary, available in the Data base.

Try to find a used Logitech on eBay or if you have and iPhone is there a remote application you can get for that? Maybe with some type of IR repeater.