CARY SLP05 - tube configuration?

For all you 05 owners, what are the tubes that you use or mix of tubes that you use and on which locations?  I currently have 4 popes in the system, mixed with 2 stock EH tubes in the right and left single ended negative sections.  

I find it to be the right mix of bite and warmth.  
If you are running single ended, the tubes labelled 1,2,4,5 will have the greatest impact on sound as they are used in the gain stage. If you are running balanced, tubes 3 and 6 are used as buffers and also provide gain to the balanced section, therefore, don’t skimp on these tubes if running balanced.

Tubes 7 and 8 are used for the headphone. If you don’t use headphone, this is a good place to insert the Electro-Harmonix tubes.

Don't forget to upgrade the terrible JJ 5AR4 rectifier tube in the power supply.


you know that's what I thought, but I run balanced and all the tubes make a difference.

I run a hybrid of popes and EH stock in the single ended section and then popes in the balanced.

I run mine balanced as well and for that reason focus mostly on the 3 & 6 sockets. I have gone through many NOS as well as new Pavanes. My favorite is the CBS Hytron 5692. Rich yet still liner and balanced. Haven’t heard the Popes but have read good things.

Have you heard this DAC with the upgrade package? Wondering if it is worth the cash.
Still wondering about the upgrade, but no real thoughts have been posted about it yet. 
joey, I just discovered that there is a separate post about this. However, as of today, no one has heard it.
Anyone else play with the tube combos?  

So far the only 2 on this thread with 05 tube combos is me and @shredder 
I use a quad of nos Sylvania's and a pair of the W (war) variety in the xlr spot.
mullard rectifier 
I keep the power supply and tube section on different shelves on audio points 
also use the revaluation audio umbilical 
really like this combo
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I gotta play with tubes again.  I wonder if there's a better combo in my arsenal than the dual popes in xlr and then a mix of 2 popes and 2 EH in the four left.

The best tube compliment/combination will vary based on the mode of operation.

If single ended from input to single ended output, you only need to concern yourself with tube positions #1 and #2.

If you are running single ended inputs to  balanced output, you need to concern yourself with tube position #1, 2, 4 and 5

If you are running balanced inputs to single ended output, you need to concern yourself with tube positions #1,2,3,6

Balanced in to Balanced output you need to concern yourself with tube positions #1,2,3,4,5,and 6

Tube positions 7 and 8 are for the headphones.

Put the inexpensive Electro-Harmonix tubes in the tube position that is NOT in your circuit based on the above configuration

The EH has an immediacy that I like... I need to find a better version of it but with the same sound characteristic
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Hi- is this NOS rectifier a decent upgrade over the stock? Approx market value if condition is good?

Mullard (for Zenith) GZ34 5AR4 1969 UK

My SLP-05 had a problem with the left channel, but it was intermittent. Gave up for several months and put my back-up in. Came across the upgrade, which replaces 10 caps and 20 resistors and figured they’d find the problem. Sure enough, there was a resistor which had smoked. My SA-200.2 was also improved with the current inputs. Mine was an original model with noisy parts. So far so good! Can’t directly compare the sound since it was nearly a year since I heard it.

Appreciate any advice on the rectifier.
I placed a Philips miniwatt in for the rectifier and it made a good difference.  No experience with mullards.
Mullard GZ34 are consider one of the best rectifiers made and are typically considered as a substantial upgrade over the stock JJ 5AR4. I use a 1960 Mullard GZ34 "fat base" rectifier in my slp05.

NOS Mullards run between $100 - $200 depending on year, manufacturing plant, and tube source (vendor). I always suggest going with a well known trusted vendor, you pay more, but you get quality. Also, rectifiers last a long time, therefore, the initial cost amortizes nicely over the tube’s lifetime.
@stfoth my tubes are very similar to yours. RCA grey glass in 1-4 and Sylvania chrome dome GT’s with 3 hole construction in the balanced positions.
how are you running 4 grey glass in 1-4?  That would mean that you have it along the entire front row, and then on the left-most of the rear row.
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@joey_v I meant the 4 tubes to the left - I can't remember how Cary numbers them.

I've also used CBS GT's in the same spots - more speed and extension - nice too but not as rich and full sounding as the RCA grey glass. It depends on your tastes I suppose.

I've tried NU's in the balanced positions but found those a little dark sounding.
I’m running balanced to balanced, so I’ll need six 6SN7. Should the tubes be purchased in matched pairs for the Left/Right?

I’m not interested in frequent tube rolling, so I’m hoping there’s a high quality NOS or new production option which delivers all around better resolution and darker background than the EH. So, not a tube known to impart a heavy handed, tailored sound onto any given recording.

Appreciated any advice!