Cassette Deck servicing/restoration in U.S.?

Anyone know who is still servicing vintage tape decks (and is recommended)?   Have a Harman Kardon CD-491, nothing wrong with it but has been in storage a long time.  Thanks, Jim
If it works, then just use it.
The cost of servicing it isn't worth it as there are many cassette decks that will perform as well or better for not much money.
Yeah, I may wind up doing exactly that.   I know I said there’s ‘nothing wrong’ with it, but I know, given it’s age (mid-eighties) it must need belt(s), idler, other rubber parts (I know some/most of the parts are available as aftermarket), and I haven’t checked it for leaking or bulging caps.   But I guess I’ll play it by ear.   

Bring it up to voltage slowly using variac or light bulb in series, unless you've already powered it up. I would use it for a month, then open and check for bad caps. By then you'll know if it truly needs service. Fine tape deck rivals some Naks and I'm a big Nak fan. PS. You should not have a problem finding an experienced tech to work on that deck, parts are still available, I have one too.

Used Naks for years, and one of the things that degrades is rubber rollers of every type, and grease or lubrication, which stiffens to the point of not being very useful at all. Other thing that degrades are contacts. Hopefully you are now where near the ocean. It takes years but I've actually had house light switches degrade so far they wouldn't work at all.

 I also had a Yamaha CR-1020 receiver and after awhile most of the switches started getting intermittant. Took it to be serviced and the tech showed me a few of the contacts. They were all green and all needed to be replaced. First thing he asked me was how close to the coast was I. just something to think about

 I would get it serviced before you have a problem, rather than afterward. better to be proactive than reactive.

Fiesta is dead on I had a Harman Kardon as well and it was very close to my Nak, which I must say I still miss.

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@jhajaski, where do you live? in los angeles california there is a repair shop called 'solutions! if you live there let me know and i will give you their phone number!