Cayin A 88-T vs Rogue Tempest: Thoughts?

Anyone, having heard BOTH, feel strongly either way?
I only heard 1 Rogue amp yrs ago, mono block tube. So will not comment. At the moment I'm doing my darn-dest to acuquie a A88 so as to compare with the Jadis OR/KT90 tubes.. This way I have a sense of reference to go by. Hope to establish a sense of just what the A88/KT88 tubes, is all about.
Maybe by mid summer.
Yesterday I switched out the JOR KT90's and put in the 88's , did not care for the sound ay all. If I find these same poor imaging results with the KT88's in the Cayin, I'll know that its a matter of which tubes I prefer, vs which brand amp.
If I don't like the Cayin A88, my next move will be to sell it and move on to a bigger Jadis, with KT90's. Maybe the DA30.
I was very impressed with Cayin's cdp's and their B300, the brother to the A88.
Apologies if off topic abit.
maybe you should let the tubes warm up for hundred hours or so.

I love the kt-88, however I thought the Orch Ref was '34 or '84 tubes?
JOR comes with KT90's, a tube Richard Grew had the highest praise for. I should have listened to his advise.
"100 hours warm up". The KT90's sounded good in the first minute , sound EXACTLY the same , then as now.
I'm not a believer of the breakin idea.