CD Changers

I'm looking for any information on any High-End, or at least better than average, CD changers. I have a Technics SL-PD947 it's got some great features and all, but I know I'm missing out using this as a source. I'm just trying to find something good for continues music during parties and working around the house. Hope you can help.
Hi Don; I do what Carl suggested above, ie use toslink out of my Sony CA9ES changer to a good out board DAC. If you want the best stand alone CD changer, look at CAL Audio's CL-5 (less than $1000.) or CL-10 ($1500). They are 5 CD carosel changers with lots of programming options, and are well regarded musically-- I'm considering the CL-10 myself. Happy Hunting. Craig
Hi, Anthem CD 1 is an above average CD changer. Certainly worth a try. Regards,