Cd recorder continuation

Are all cd recorders able to use any blank disks for making copies?
If not is there still a big price discrepency between the different varieties of blanks?
I believe that you have to use CD-R AUDIO disks and make sure that it says AUDIO on the cd's . The Sony that I have will not accept regular cd-r's to record on.
I believe they all do but I do find best results for me are with the Mobile Fidelity Soundlab 24KT discs. Not the cheapest ($3.50 each; probably cheaper in bulk) but I have been recording for a few years now, leave many discs in the 6 disc changer in my car for months at a time and have never had any dropouts, skips, ill effects, etc. I had started with some cheapo Sony's and the dropouts and static were rediculous. I do believe you (usually) get what you pay for. My CD-R's do sound incredible (Alesis Masterlink CD Recorder, Walker Audio Valid Points, Shunyata Python PC and Hydra line conditioner)
Only the pro models allow you to use any blank CDR media. Consumer models only allow you to use music CDRs which cost more as well as limiting the number of digital copies that can be made.
No. All cannot use just any CD blank. Many recorders require usage of music type blanks. The price difference is not that much , but the selection is poor and getting harder to find. Some Music CDR's like Memorex would still not record on my Marantz recorder.

I bought a Tascam pro and it will use any type of blank.
Makes great CDR's even from Analog sources.
It depends what you mean by a CD recorder. If you use your computer to burn the CD, you don't need one of those music-only discs. Which, by the way, have nothing at all to do with quality or performance. They are priced higher because you are paying royalties into a general fund when you buy them.
I've heard this topic for some time, and the machine you use determeins that, although, trying those used in a PC setup can't hurt.... either they'll work or not. Right?

The roaylaty mention is accurate too.

Blank CDs like audio & video components differ in quality too. Mostly though it's their ability to be used with the burner in question. some burners like some blank CDs, some don't. Many CD/DVD burner makers provide a list of compatible discs for use with their products. you can start there, but that list isn't cast into stone, unless you are calling the burner maker for support.... then you'll have to say you used their acceptable listed discs.

Why are you still burning CD's? Not judging you or anyone, I just want to know why. I went digital years ago (both streaming and storing music on a Blusound, and now upgraded to an  Aurrender, and have never looked back. No more storing CD's, worrying about scratches, or CD players going bad, spending money on CDR's, or the time spent burning CD's. 

I still burn cds using MAM-A gold cds off JRiver MEDIA off my laptop.  I do load cds onto my Melco server.  There is an audible difference on my highly resolving system.  CD > server > streaming.  All three sources do though sound really good.