CD shelving unit from Modern Shelving

Well…since the IKEA Gnedby units are no longer available in the states, I’ve been searching for an alternative.

I’m considering a two-bay Media Storage shelf from Modern Shelving. This should hold my 1,000+ CDs. My concern is that in my small room (10’ 4” by 14’ 6”) the unit may impact audio quality (stand mounted ProAc Response D2). I have the choice of aluminum or wood shelves and am leaning towards wood as that’s or the least bad option.


Thoughts? Spare me the advice of ripping the entire collection…already considered.


😭 My IKEA Gnedby units have followed me through several house moves.  Still have about 1500 CD's sitting in them today.  My advice would be to make this a DIY project. A custom CD storage unit would be very easy to build and need only be 6" deep.  Should not interfere with the room acoustics?  Just a thought.