CDP clicks between tracks.and at the begininning??

I have a new CDP and I am impressed with the sound so far but it has an odd quirck and I was hoping someone could shed some light on what's going on. My player uses a Sony transport and it sounds good but on most CD's it will go "click click" at the beginning of the disc and inbetween tracks as the disc progresses. It happens consistently on most discs but some discs won't make the mechanical clicking from the transport. It is the very same mechanical click I get from my integrated when increasing or decreasing volume or changing inputs. This suggests to me that it may have some thing to do with the relay switch on the display of the transport. On some discs however there will be a very short click at the beginning and then the transport will be silent throught the disc or throughout most of the disc. Its almost as if it depends on how much time is inbetween tracks as if I play a cd that the tracks change but ther music contues from one track to the next without pause or without regular but short pause there is no "click click" noise from the CDP. I like this player but am wondering if anyone else has noticed this type of anomolie on their players and what it could be. Is this a normal function of some CDP's?
I should mention the clicks between tracks are consistant with the disc or track that I am using so it is not random at the CDP's end but depends on the particular track or disc.Some discs may click between 2 tracks out of 12 and some will click for 10 tracks out of 12. I put in an HDCD disc in it didn't click anywhere throught the disc.
Any advise would be highly appreciated.
I think you know the answer to this. Clicks are not normal. Should be dead quiet..
What type of player is it and have you contacted the manufacturer? My player, a Tube Technology Fusion, uses a Sony Transport, not sure which model, and exhibits no clicking. I don't mean to be obvious, but the guys who built it should be able to help. Good luck!
Clicks happen. In my case they are rare, and never happen during the music, so I will live with them.
I found clicks on CDR's that were recorded at higher speeds but never on factory recorded CD's. The clicks are not mechanical however but reproduced through the speakers.

A possiblity for you?

It would be helpful to mention the brand/model of the CD player you own. Over the years I have read about several different CD players that exhibit the exact trait that you mention. For those players, the "click" was normal and was a function of the player.

I'm not saying it is right to build a player that exhibits this trait, but I know there are some "boutique" players out there that have this issue.

If you're referring to your Talk CDP, I have the same and have never heard a click. I did remove faulty RC chip from socket (only socket near front) and use front panel switches only.

It's possible that many transports utilize a filter/muting relay to eliminate tracking noise and that this one omitted that feature for sake of sonics.
It is not the Talk player but thee Jungson Moon Harbor player in my second system and funny Ngjockey that you should mention Talk as I spoke to Kevin at Talk electronics last night at 2:30 am pacific time and he said that some players do what mine does in order to release digital crap before it becomes an issue of sonics.Apparently it improves the sound a little and makes the player sound better by releasing digital with no information such as long pauses between tracks.That being said I have never heard of a CDP doing this before so I still suspect there could be fault dispite mty reassurances. I must add that the moon Harbor Tubed edition is a sweet sounding player and it's only been plugged in for two days.
If a digital stream to a DAC is broken for any period of time then the DAC will produce a click. Therefore it is possible that what is happening is that the digital stream is going dead between tracks when in fact the packets should be filled with zeros - digital silence. This could be a function of how the player moves between the tracks listed in the TOC. This seems to me to be a poor design if not a faulty unit. The explanation that the DAC needs to process some digital crap every now and then to improve sound quality appears to be BS to me. But perhaps the unit uses a form of reclocking with a buffer and decides to clear the buffer and re-sync when there is a sustained period of digital silence encountered, which could produce a click. But there is no reason why good design could not suppress the click. There are plenty of devices that use reclocking with a buffer that do not click.
Your explanation is what kevin at Talk gave me exactly. Same explanation with digital silence being zeros and the unit recyncing itself or wharever you guys said it does. Thats what I was told. I think it was explained that perhaps the buffer was removed in order to improve performance but maybe I should get used to the possibility of having a faulty unit. Either way it's fixable or replacable but I need to know for sure it's not just the design. It wouldn't be the first player that clicked as a function of it's design if that is what it is. If it aint broken I wont fix it but I need to know if this is normal or not. Any further help would be appreciated. I've emailed the appropriate people regarding this issue and am waiting a response.I wish someone who knew for sure could tell me if that's the way the player is or should it be looked at.
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The player is at fault and I will be getting a replacement as soon as they arrive into the United States. It turns out that just a few of these players had this problem and I got lucky. At least it will be replaced and in the meantime it does sound very good regardless of the clicks between tracks. It's a good sounding player for an inexpensive player.
Thank you all for your help in this post as it helped me get over it and just arrange a replacement.
My Cambridge cd player clicks between tracks only when using remote,if playing to end and then on to next track on its own then there is no click at all.
No. Apparently it was only a few bad players in one lot out of many. I'm the only one I've heard of getting this probklem with the player. It is not common and it is a good player. I don't think there is a new version but I think they are backordered on the tube players as I would have had to wait several months to get a replacment. I couldn't wait so I got a good deal on a Jungson SACD player with my broken player taken back at full value. I find although the tubed cd player sounded good I find the SACD player sounds better especially with regular discs. I was told they would sound the same with regular discs but I find the SACD player more musical and detailed yet still smooth. I really like the SACD player.