CDs with heavy, fast bass and/or long drum solos

Due to a variety of circumstances, I find myself in the position of needing to break in the woofers below 80hz of my primary speakers (VSA VR-7s). Any good, well-recoded CD's or points to an existing thread on this would be appreciated

I heard a disc from Norway at RMAF on the 4th or 5th floor of the Atrium tower that was incredible, but can't remember the name of the disc. It was playing pretty loud, so I'm sure a number of others heard it as well. If anyone wrote down the name of that disc, please reply here.

ALso please note - I am not interested in Test discs or warble tones - I want real music.

Thanks a bunch
Shardone, the new Cult - Love reissue has the "She Sells Sanctuary" 12" remastered as well, and....

It does not sound as good as the original 12" remix that somehow I still own, and it is in pristine shape.

I think the vinyl was definitely better back then. This record is 23 yrs old, has seen MANY parties in college and grad school, and then has been in storage for about 19 yrs, and it still sounds great.

Excellent call. Playing this again made me go out and buy some other of my fav 12" mixes and I am shocked at how great they sound:

The Smiths "How Soon is Now?"

Stone Temple Pilots "Sex Type Thing"

Depech Mode "Master and Servant"

The Cult "Rain" - talk about dynamics and bass

good call Shardone
We were playing the Sheffield album that I had just remasterd in DXD format in room 433. We got lots of good reviews from that one
cozzy powell and alphonse mouzon as well as billy cobham all great drum records.

BASS WORKOUT: Uberzone, Idiology.

Nuts. I have ~3000 cds and nothing is this low/fast.