CEC TL-1X upgrades. Any feedback?

I have read the ad by Reference Audio for extensive upgrades to the CEC transport. They claim to offer huge differences throughout. I am concerned that areas of improvement may withdraw from this unit's musicality.

Any experience is appreciated
One thing that bothers me a little is the following statement on their website: "and overall the sound now leans toward real and accurate rather than euphonic and colored" I'm using mine with an AudioLogic 2400 DAC and don't find the sound euphonic or colored.

What's your experience and what DAC are you using?
Pctower, I am running through an Audio Note 3.1x. Extremely musical. With other transports, such as Linn cd-12 the presentation added detail and delineation, but lacked the massive soundstage and body. My feelings are that all components offer up some coloration, or euphemistically, a signature. I lean towards a fuller body rather than lean and taut. Such are the components I own; tube amp, preamp, and much vinyl. The upgrades claim to retain the body, eliminate grain, and extend frequency extension.
I am using my TL1-X with a John Wright modified Museatex Bi-Dat. I am very happy with the sound of this combination. I have also experienced a TL-1X with a Manley DAC and DCS gear. It is my opinion that the CEC is great just the way it is. I would have to hear a modified unit before I would lay down that kind of cash. The different musical presentation I can achieve by switching between a LAT balanced digital cable and a Kharma single-ended digital cable is all I have needed to tweak things.
I'm in the process of obtaining a TL-1X for use with my Soon-To-Be-Upgraded(again)Altis dac. What is a good digital link for use with the CEC?