Ceiling Speakers for Music Only

Hi All:

I have some ceiling speakers in the new home I purchased. The placement is good (slanted toward the bed where I'll be listening) but I want something better than what's there. I have easy access through the attic and can do any size. Looking to spend under $2,500 if possible but will consider more.

I know that anything other than in-ceiling would sound better but here's my reasoning:  

1. If I want to listen critically, I have an amp and floor-standing speakers in my office.
2. This is my bedroom setup where I'm basically laying in bed reading on the tablet.
3. There are speakers in the ceiling already so it's an easy swap.
4. My wife likes the uncluttered look of no speakers and amp in the bedroom.
5. We have very tall slanted ceilings so the speakers are pointed directly at me which is nice.

My installer wants me to put in Triad because that's what he sells. Interested to hear any opinions on them or others.



Atlantic Technology, excellent ceiling speakers and will come in below your budget.

If you are spending that kind of money than at least make sure it’s an in-ceiling that has a back box. The ones that are open back just don’t perform as well. 

Focal makes some that look interesting. 

we are a major custom installer and two channel store triad are okay better for theater 


we sell kef focal dali and origin acoustics and episode and a few others


other options cabasse small sphereical on walls they sound exceptional


please give us a call to discuss


Dave and Troy

Audio intellect nj

kef,dali, focal cabasse dealers



What will you be powering them with and with what source material hardware/software?

I won’t be making any recommendations, but assume that this is the minimum info required in order to make a meaningful rec considering your budget.



The Triads are pretty good, actually.  However, the most impressive ceiling speakers I've ever had experience with are the James Loudspeaker Small Aperture Series:




@dekay The house we bought has Sonos throughout so that's what I'll be using.  Sonos amp streaming Spotify, Tidal, etc.  

After reading this "I" would probably just try Sonos ceiling speakers (if your installer can accommodate it).