Cello Audio Palette/EQ

I know that Cello is no longer in service. But does anyone know of a "top notch" EQ like the Cello Audio Palette? Yes I know a lot of "Audiophiles" don't like EQs so no flaming please.

Yes. I listened to the Cello system when it was in production at their NYC showroom. Very impressive and Very nice indeed, but also very expensive. It is large (about 3/4 the size of an end table and is connected by an umbilical cord to the rest of the equipment. The "Palette" can then be adjusted from your listening position as it is on casters and can be rolled around the room as needed. You can make unlistenable crummy recordings sound really good, tailoring the sound to your own wims.
I own a cello audio Palette on casters as Mcfarland mentions.I cannot live without it,I also have the Accuphase DG-38 in my system.The Cello is by far superior easier to use ,very user friendly and intuitive. One of the best components ever made,when one consider the price of some of the cable,the cello is a bargain.Again like Mcfarland mentions it can truly improve on poorly recorded material.Down side The audio Palette has either a single input or version IV has three I think,but not very practical if you have more than one source and if you want the equalizer to be at your listening position,that will require many long IC cables.The single input outputs use fischer connectors ,difficult to find and VERY expensive,limiting your cable options.The way I overcame these complications was by using the Cello Encore preamp which has lots of inputs to feed the equalizer.I also had my units brought up to date by Cello Germany,also adding XLR and RCA out/input to the equalizer.Another issue is service there are solutions but they are not necessarily convinient.
I am not sure this answer will be seen on forum as the audiogon monitors have blocked my last few submissions,for no obvious reason.
Thanks McFarland and Ramy for your comments. Yes I would love to have an Audio Palette as I have tons of recordings that doesn't sound good, but I love the artist and material. Will look at the Accuphase as well.
I have a Suite, but don't own a audio Pallete for I think it is priced too high. After researching for a Class A eq, I decided to give Avalon AD2055 a trial. It works fine. Although it is not as fansy as Pallete, 4 parametric adjustment vs 6, Avalon performs just as fine as it. Of course, it also depends on your speakers system. Philip